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Dear Families,

I hope your family is keeping safe and healthy. I’m writing today with an update on an important precaution we are taking to keep you, your child, and your child’s educators safe: COVID-19 random testing for staff and students, here in school.

You recently received a letter from the New York City Department of Education (DOE), NYC Department of Health (DOH), and NYC Test & Trace Corps describing a joint effort to conduct COVID-19 testing in our public schools. This letter can be found at schools.nyc.gov/messagesforfamilies. The State of New York has determined that our school is located in a geographic zone, the “yellow zone,” that requires weekly testing due to elevated rates of transmission in the area. Weekly testing of students and staff is mandatory for schools in the yellow zone, and will continue until the State modifies or lifts the zone requirements. You can find a map of the City’s zones at nyc.gov/covidzone.

Mandatory in-school testing will be conducted for school staff and students in grades 1-12. The test is easy, quick, and safe. Thousands of students have already been tested across the city. A “short swab” (similar to a Q-tip) will be inserted into the front part of the nose for five to ten seconds. Later this school year, it is possible that tests will be administered by collecting a small amount of saliva (spit).

In order to test your child, we need your consent. There are two easy ways to provide consent. Please note that even if you previously provided consent, as a parent at a state-designated Yellow Zone school, we ask you to resubmit the consent form for your child, as the consent form accounts for the newly-established mandate from the State requiring weekly testing in our school. Whether you have filled out a form previously, or if you have not yet filled out a form, please use these easy methods to provide consent:  

  1. Online: Fill out the form online using a New York City Schools Account (NYCSA). Go to nyc.
    • If you already have a NYCSA account linked to your student(s): Log in, click your student’s name, click “Manage Account,” and then when a dropdown menu appears, click “Consent Forms.” Read the page, and then choose the consent option at the end for your student. 
    • If you do not already have a NYCSA account: You can create one right away! If you have an account creation code from your school, you can create a full account in approximately five minutes, and then provide consent as described above. If you do not have an account creation code from your school, you can still provide your consent right away by clicking “Manage Consent” under “COVID-19 Testing” and filling out your and your child’s information to provide consent.
  2. Paper Form: Fill out and return the paper form to school.We have included the updated consent form with this letter. Your school can print and provide this form to you, or you can print it at home and send in with your child on their next in-person blended learning day. A printable PDF file is available in ten languages at nyc.gov/covidtesting.   

Here are some important notes for your awareness. You can find additional information under Frequently Asked Questions at schools.nyc.gov/covidtesting.

  • A random selection of students and staff will be tested each week, so if your child is selected one week, they may or may not also be tested the following week.
  • If your child is tested at school, information about the testing process, and when and how you will receive the results, will be sent home with your child. Most testing results will be available within 48 hours.
  • Please be assured that, even after we receive your consent, your child will not be tested if they are uncomfortable or become distressed at any point during the process. If that happens, we will work with you to address any potential concerns so that your child is comfortable participating in future testing.
  • If your child tests positive for COVID-19, you will receive two phone calls. The testing provider will notify you via a telephone call, and NYC Test & Trace Corps will call to provide your family with resources and support.

If any member of the school community tests positive during this testing process, our school community will continue to follow the guidelines outlined on the Health & Safety section of the DOE website (schools.nyc.gov/RTShealthsafety).

We deeply appreciate your partnership and your commitment to keeping our school community safe and healthy.


Francine Marsaggi



NYC Office Hours

NYC Office Hour hosted by the Mayor's Office on Tuesday, October 27 at 6:30pm - 7:30pm.
















Covid-19 Consent Form on NYCSA

This is a video on how families can complete the COVID-19 consent form on NYC Schools Account.


Immigrant Family Forums

DOE Immigrant Family Forum Chinese.pdf

DOE Immigrant Spanish Family Forum.pdf

DOE Immigrant Family Forum HaitianCreole.pdf     

Community Letter- October 19, 2020

Dear P.S. 163 Flushing Heights Community:

The health and safety of our students and staff and everyone in the DOE family across the city, is our top priority. We are committed to ensuring you have the information you need on COVID-19 as we continue to navigate this public health emergency together.

Today we are writing to inform you, out of an abundance of caution, that on 10/19/2020 a member of our school community tested positive for COVID-19. After investigation, the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and the NYC Test and Trace Corps have concluded that there has been NO exposure to the school community because the person was NOT at school while infectious. Therefore, there are no plans for classroom or school closures and students should continue to attend as regularly scheduled.

It’s up to all of us to help keep our school community safe and healthy. Please remember to follow these important “Core Four” actions to prevent COVID-19 transmission:  

· Stay home if sick: Monitor your and your child’s health and stay home if you are sick or keep them home if they are sick, except for getting essential medical care (including COVID-19 testing) and other essential needs.

· Physical distancing: Stay at least 6 feet away from people who are not members of your household.

· Wear a face covering: Protect those around you. Wearing a face covering helps reduce the spread of COVID-19, especially if you are sick and don’t have symptoms. For more information about face coverings, visit nyc.gov/health/coronavirus and look for “FAQ About Face Coverings.”

· Practice healthy hand hygiene: Wash your hands often with soap and water or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer if soap and water are not available; clean frequently touched surfaces regularly; avoid touching your face with unwashed hands; and cover your cough or sneeze with your arm, not your hands.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions. For additional information on COVID-19, visit schools.nyc.gov/coronavirus or call 311. Finally, to ensure we can reach you via text and email about any COVID-19 activity in our school, please set up a New York City Schools Account (NYCSA) as soon as possible by visiting schools.nyc.gov/nycsa.

Thank you for your cooperation. Health and safety will always come first in New York City public schools, no matter what.


Francine Marsaggi


致 Ps 163Q 社區:

保障學生、職員和全市教育局大家庭每一個人的健康和安全是我們的首要任務。在繼續與大家共 同摸索度過這場公共健康危機的同時,我們致力於確保您擁有所需的新冠病毒資訊。

今天我要告知您,我們的學校社區有一名成員的新冠病毒檢測結果呈陽性。目前,這是該校唯一 一宗確診病例。我們迅速地採取所有適當的行動,並遵從 NYC Test + Trace Corps、紐約市健康及 心理衛生局(紐約市健康局)、紐約市教育局(教育局)制訂的嚴格規定。


· 與檢測結果呈陽性的人在受影響班級的所有學生和老師都視作「密切接觸」者,他們已收到通 知,從最後接觸該檢測結果呈陽性的人士那天開始,需要隔離 14 天。

o 這些學生和老師在這段時間將轉到完全遠程的教學。

· NYC Test + Trace Corps 和紐約市健康局將完成調查,找出大樓內任何其他密切接觸者,並通知 他們也需要隔離 14 天。

· 任何人在新冠病毒檢測結果呈陽性都不會返回學校,並安全地與他人分開,直到他們不再傳染 他人為止。為了保障檢測結果呈陽性的人的隱私,我們不可以分享病例的更多細節。

· 我們也將與大家分享一些關於您和子女身心健康和福祉的資源。新冠病毒可以令您和親人感到 壓力很大。感到身心俱疲、傷心、緊張、害怕,是很自然的事。我們想向您保證,您可以找到應 付和減低壓力的有用資源。

雖然紐約人在對抗病毒方面做得很出色,使全市的感染率都非常低,但是,新冠病毒依然在本 市、本州和全國肆虐。這個學年將仍會有新冠病毒的病例,我們都知道的,因此,我們所有的規 定都全部就位,對抗這個病毒。我們的工作迅速和有效地處理任何出現的病例,每一步都會透明 公開。我們今天就是這樣做。 我們比三月份時知道得更多:如何互相保護,避免被病毒感染。我們必須緊記遵從重要的「四個 核心」行動,制止新冠病毒傳播:

· 如果病了,請留在家中:監察您和子女的健康,如果您病了,請留在家裡,或者如果是他們病 了,讓他們留在家裡,除了要接受重要的醫療護理(包括新冠病毒檢測)和做其他必要的事情。

· 保持實際的社交距離:與不是一起住的其他人保持至少 6 英尺的距離。

· 使用臉部遮蓋物:保護您身邊的人。戴上口罩幫助減低新冠病毒的傳播,尤其是如果您生病了 卻沒有症狀。有關臉部遮蓋物的更多資訊,請參看 nyc.gov/health/coronavirus Opens in a new browser tab,並查看「有關臉部遮蓋物的常見問題」(FAQ About Face Coverings)。

· 實行健康習慣,保持雙手衛生:經常用肥皂和水洗手,如果沒有肥皂和水,用含酒精成份的消 毒洗手液洗手;經常清潔常碰觸的表面;避免用未洗過的手碰觸臉部;咳嗽或打噴嚏時,用手臂 而不是用手掩蓋口鼻。

我們將繼續密切遵從公共衛生專家的指示,並預先通知您我們採用的任何方法。 如果您有任何疑問,請隨時與我們聯絡。有關新冠病毒的更多資訊,請上網瀏覽 schools.nyc.gov/coronavirus Opens in a new browser tab,或撥打 311。最後,為了確保我們可以迅 速地利用短信和電郵與您接觸,請儘快設立紐約市學校帳戶(NYCSA),方法是上網到 schools.nyc.gov/nycs Opens in a new browser taba 登記。



Francine A. Marsaggi

Letter to Community-October 19, 2020

Dear P.S. 163 Flushing Heights at 159-01 59 AVENUE Community:

The health and safety of our students and staff and everyone in the DOE family across the city, is our top priority. We are committed to ensuring you have the information you need on COVID-19 as we continue to navigate this public health emergency together.

Today we are writing to inform you that one member of our school community has tested positive for COVID-19. At this time, this is the only confirmed case at the school. We are quickly taking all appropriate action and following rigorous protocols developed by the NYC Test + Trace Corps, New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (NYC Health), and the New York City Department of Education (DOE).

Out of an abundance of caution, here is what will happen next to safeguard the health of our school community:

· All students and teachers in the affected class(es) with the individual who tested positive are considered “close contacts,” and have been notified of the need to quarantine for 14 days since the last contact with the person who tested positive.

-These students and teachers will transition to fully remote teaching and learning for this period.

· The NYC Test + Trace Corps and NYC Health will complete their investigation to identify and notify any other close contacts in the building, who will also need to quarantine for 14 days.

· Anyone with a positive COVID-19 test will not return to the school and will be safely separated, until they are no longer infectious. In order to protect the privacy of the individual who has tested positive, we cannot share additional details about the case.

· We will share physical and mental health and wellness resources for you and your child. COVID-19 can be stressful for you and your loved ones. It is natural to feel overwhelmed, sad, anxious and afraid. We want to ensure you can access helpful resources for coping and reducing stress.

While New Yorkers have done an outstanding job fighting the virus, leading to extremely low infection rates citywide, COVID-19 is still active in our city, state and our country. There will be cases of COVID-19 this school year; we know this, and all of our protocols have been in service of fighting this virus. Our job is to swiftly and effectively handle any cases that appear and be transparent every step of the way. That is what we are doing today.

We know a lot more than we did in March about how to protect each other from the virus and it’s critical that we continue to act to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and our schools. All of us must remember to follow these important “Core Four” actions to prevent COVID-19 transmission:

· Stay home if sick: Monitor your and your child’s health and stay home if you are sick or keep them home if they are sick, except for getting essential medical care (including COVID-19 testing) and other essential needs.

· Physical distancing: Stay at least 6 feet away from people who are not members of your household.

· Wear a face covering: Protect those around you. Wearing a face covering helps reduce the spread of COVID-19, especially if you are sick and don’t have symptoms. For more information about face coverings, visit nyc.gov/health/coronavirus and look for "FAQ About Face Coverings."

· Practice healthy hand hygiene: Wash your hands often with soap and water or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer if soap and water are not available; clean frequently touched surfaces regularly; avoid touching your face with unwashed hands; and cover your cough or sneeze with your arm, not your hands.

We will continue to closely follow directions from public health experts and proactively update you on any measures we are taking.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions. For additional information on COVID-19, visit schools.nyc.gov/coronavirus or call 311. Finally, to ensure we can rapidly reach you via text and email, please set up a New York City Schools Account (NYCSA) as soon as possible by visiting schools.nyc.gov/nycsa.

Thank you for your cooperation. Health and safety will always come first in New York City public schools, no matter what.


Francine Marsaggi


致Ps 163Q社區:


今天我要告知您,我們的學校社區有一名成員的新冠病毒檢測結果呈陽性。目前,這是該校唯一一宗確診病例。我們迅速地採取所有適當的行動,並遵從NYC Test + Trace Corps、紐約市健康及心理衛生局(紐約市健康局)、紐約市教育局(教育局)制訂的嚴格規定。


· 與檢測結果呈陽性的人在受影響班級的所有學生和老師都視作「密切接觸」者,他們已收到通知,從最後接觸該檢測結果呈陽性的人士那天開始,需要隔離14天。

o 這些學生和老師在這段時間將轉到完全遠程的教學。

· NYC Test + Trace Corps和紐約市健康局將完成調查,找出大樓內任何其他密切接觸者,並通知他們也需要隔離14天。

· 任何人在新冠病毒檢測結果呈陽性都不會返回學校,並安全地與他人分開,直到他們不再傳染他人為止。為了保障檢測結果呈陽性的人的隱私,我們不可以分享病例的更多細節。

· 我們也將與大家分享一些關於您和子女身心健康和福祉的資源。新冠病毒可以令您和親人感到壓力很大。感到身心俱疲、傷心、緊張、害怕,是很自然的事。我們想向您保證,您可以找到應付和減低壓力的有用資源。



· 如果病了,請留在家中:監察您和子女的健康,如果您病了,請留在家裡,或者如果是他們病了,讓他們留在家裡,除了要接受重要的醫療護理(包括新冠病毒檢測)和做其他必要的事情。

· 保持實際的社交距離:與不是一起住的其他人保持至少6英尺的距離。

· 使用臉部遮蓋物:保護您身邊的人。戴上口罩幫助減低新冠病毒的傳播,尤其是如果您生病了卻沒有症狀。有關臉部遮蓋物的更多資訊,請參看 nyc.gov/health/coronavirus,並查看「有關臉部遮蓋物的常見問題」(FAQ About Face Coverings)。

· 實行健康習慣,保持雙手衛生:經常用肥皂和水洗手,如果沒有肥皂和水,用含酒精成份的消毒洗手液洗手;經常清潔常碰觸的表面;避免用未洗過的手碰觸臉部;咳嗽或打噴嚏時,用手臂而不是用手掩蓋口鼻。


如果您有任何疑問,請隨時與我們聯絡。有關新冠病毒的更多資訊,請上網瀏覽 schools.nyc.gov/coronavirus,或撥打311。最後,為了確保我們可以迅速地利用短信和電郵與您接觸,請儘快設立紐約市學校帳戶(NYCSA),方法是上網到 schools.nyc.gov/nycsa登記。



Francine A. Marsaggi

Estimado miembro de la comunidad de PS 163Q:

La salud y seguridad de los estudiantes y el personal —y de todos los miembros de la familia del Departamento de Educación de la Ciudad de Nueva York (NYCDOE)— es nuestra máxima prioridad. Nos comprometemos a proporcionarle la información que necesita sobre COVID-19 mientras continuamos enfrentando juntos esta emergencia de salud pública.

Hoy le escribimos para informarle que uno de los miembros de nuestra comunidad escolar dio positivo en la prueba de COVID-19. En este momento, este es el único caso confirmado en la escuela. Estamos tomando rápidamente todas las medidas apropiadas y siguiendo los rigurosos protocolos del equipo de pruebas y rastreo de la Ciudad de Nueva York (NYC Test & Trace Corps), del Departamento de Salud y Salud Mental de la Ciudad de Nueva York (NYC Health) y del NYCDOE.

Por precaución, estas son las medidas que tomaremos para proteger la salud de nuestra comunidad escolar:

· Los estudiantes y maestros que comparten el (las) aula(s) con la persona que dio positivo se consideran “contactos cercanos” y se les ha notificado que deben permanecer en cuarentena por 14 días a partir de la última vez que tuvieron contacto con la persona contagiada.

o Todos los estudiantes y maestros pasarán al modelo de clases completamente a distancia durante este período.

· NYC Test & Trace Corps y NYC Health completarán su investigación para identificar y notificar a otros contactos cercanos en el edificio, que también tendrán que permanecer en cuarentena por 14 días.

· Las personas que den positivo en la prueba de COVID-19 no volverán a la escuela y se mantendrán apartadas de forma segura hasta que ya no sean una fuente de contagio. Para proteger la privacidad de la persona que dio positivo no podemos divulgar más detalles sobre el caso.

· Compartiremos recursos de salud física y mental y de bienestar para usted y su hijo. COVID-19 puede ser estresante para usted y sus seres queridos. Es natural sentirse abrumado, triste, ansioso y estar preocupado. Queremos asegurarnos de que pueda acceder a recursos útiles para enfrentar y reducir el estrés.

Si bien los neoyorquinos han hecho un trabajo excepcional en la lucha contra el virus —que nos ha llevado a tener una tasa de infección muy baja— COVID-19 sigue activo en la Ciudad, el Estado y el país. Sabemos que habrá casos de COVID-19 este año escolar y todos nuestros protocolos están orientados a combatir el virus. Nuestro trabajo es manejar de manera rápida y efectiva los casos que aparezcan, y ser transparentes en cada paso del proceso. Eso es lo que estamos haciendo hoy.

Sabemos mucho más de lo que sabíamos en marzo sobre cómo protegernos del virus, y es fundamental que sigamos trabajando para protegernos a nosotros mismos, a nuestros seres queridos y a nuestras escuelas. Todos debemos recordar cumplir estas cuatro importantes medidas para prevenir la transmisión de COVID-19.

· Quédese en casa si está enfermo: Controle su salud y la de su hijo, y si algún miembro de la familia se enferma, debe quedarse en casa, excepto para recibir la atención médica necesaria (lo que incluye la prueba de COVID-19) y otras necesidades esenciales.

· Mantenga la distancia física: Manténgase a una distancia de al menos 6 pies de las personas que no son miembros de su hogar.

· Use mascarillas: Proteja a las personas a su alrededor. Usar mascarilla ayuda a reducir la transmisión de COVID-19, especialmente si está enfermo y no tiene síntomas. Para obtener más información sobre las mascarillas, visite nyc.gov/health/coronavirus y busque la sección “FAQ About Face Coverings” (Preguntas frecuentes sobre las mascarillas).

· Practique una higiene de manos saludable: Lávese las manos a menudo con agua y jabón o use un desinfectante de manos a base de alcohol cuando no tenga acceso a agua y jabón; limpie regularmente las superficies que se tocan con frecuencia; evite tocarse la cara con las manos sin lavar; y cúbrase la cara con el brazo, no con las manos, al toser o estornudar.

Continuaremos siguiendo de cerca las indicaciones de los expertos en salud pública y le informaremos de forma proactiva sobre las medidas que estamos tomando.

No dude en comunicarse con nosotros si tiene alguna pregunta. Para obtener más información sobre COVID-19, visite schools.nyc.gov/coronavirus o llame al 311. Por último, para que podamos comunicarnos rápidamente con usted por mensajes de texto y correo electrónico, por favor, cree una cuenta NYC Schools (New York City Schools Account, NYCSA) lo antes posible en schools.nyc.gov/nycsa.

Gracias por su cooperación. Pase lo que pase, la salud y seguridad siempre será la prioridad en las escuelas públicas de la Ciudad de Nueva York.


Francine A. Marsaggi

Random Testing Letter- October 19, 2020

Dear Families,

As part of New York City’s ongoing effort to stop the spread of COVID-19, and ensure the health and safety of our community, COVID-19 testing of staff and students will be conducted in our school once a month from now through the end of the school year. We have been notified that the testing provider will be at our school within the next week. Please note that only New York City public school students from grades 1-12 are eligible to be tested.

As the September 29, 2020 letter co-signed by NYC Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza, Executive Director Ted Long of New York City Test + Trace Corps, and Dr. Dave Chokshi, Commissioner of NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene stated, the test is easy, quick, and safe. A “short swab” (similar to a Q-tip) will be inserted into the front part of the nose for five to ten seconds. Later this school year, it is possible that tests will be administered by collecting a small amount of saliva (spit).

Only students and school-based staff members with signed and submitted consent forms are eligible to be tested (schools.nyc.gov/covidtesting). Your child will not be tested if they are uncomfortable or become distressed at any point during the process. If that happens, we will work with you to address any potential concerns so that your child is comfortable participating in future testing.

If your child is tested at school, information about the testing process, and when and how you will receive the results, will be sent home with your child. The majority of all testing results will be available within 48 hours. If your child tests positive for COVID-19, the testing provider will notify you via a telephone call, and NYC Test & Trace Corps will call to provide your family with resources and support.

If any member of the school community tests positive during this testing process, our school community will continue to follow the guidelines outlined on the Health & Safety section of the website (schools.nyc.gov/RTShealthsafety).

We deeply appreciate your partnership and your commitment to keeping your school community safe and healthy.


Francine A. Marsaggi



如2020年9月29日由紐約市學校總監卡蘭扎、紐約市檢測+追蹤計劃(New York City Test + Trace Corps)執行主任Ted Long以及紐約市健康及心理衛生局局長Dr. Dave Chokshi聯合簽署的信件所述,檢測很容易、快速並安全。「小拭子」(類似棉棒),會伸進鼻腔前端五秒至十秒。本學年稍後時間,檢測有可能將收集少量唾液(口水)。



如果在測試過程中,學校社區任何人檢測呈陽性,我們的學校社區將繼續遵守以下網站的健康與安全部分概述的指南(schools.nyc.gov/RTShealthsafety)。 我們非常感謝您的合作和承諾,讓我們的學校社區保持安全和健康。

誠致敬意! Francine A. Marsaggi

Estimada familia:

Como parte de las medidas de la Ciudad de Nueva York para frenar la transmisión de COVID-19, y garantizar la salud y seguridad de nuestra comunidad, las pruebas de COVID-19 a los miembros del personal y estudiantes se realizarán en las escuelas una vez al mes desde ahora y hasta el final del año escolar. Nos han informado que el proveedor de pruebas de COVID-19 visitará nuestra escuela la próxima semana. Tenga en cuenta que las pruebas son solo para los estudiantes de 1.er a 12.o grado de las escuelas públicas de la Ciudad de Nueva York.

Como se indica en la carta del 29 de septiembre de 2020 —firmada conjuntamente por el canciller de las escuelas, Richard Carranza, el director ejecutivo del equipo de pruebas y rastreo de la Ciudad de Nueva York (NYC Test & Trace Corps), Ted Long, y el comisionado del Departamento de Salud y Salud Mental de la Ciudad de Nueva York, Dr. Dave Chokshi— la prueba es fácil, rápida y segura. La prueba utilizará un hisopo corto (similar a un Q-tips) que se inserta en la parte delantera de la nariz entre cinco y diez segundos. Más adelante, es posible que las pruebas se hagan mediante la recolección de una pequeña cantidad de saliva.

Solo los estudiantes y miembros del personal de las escuelas que hayan firmado y presentado el formulario de autorización podrán hacerse la prueba (schools.nyc.gov/covidtesting). No se le hará la prueba a su hijo si se siente incómodo o nervioso durante el proceso. Si eso sucede, trabajaremos con usted para responder cualquier inquietud y su hijo pueda así participar en las pruebas más adelante.

Si se le hace la prueba de COVID-19 a su hijo en la escuela, le enviaremos la información a casa con el estudiante, comunicándole los detalles sobre el proceso de la prueba, además de cómo y cuándo recibirá los resultados. La mayoría de los resultados de las pruebas estarán disponibles en 48 horas. Si su hijo da positivo, el proveedor que realizó la prueba lo llamará por teléfono y NYC Test & Trace Corps se comunicará con su familia para proporcionarle recursos y ayuda.

Si algún miembro de la comunidad escolar da positivo durante este proceso de pruebas, continuaremos siguiendo las directrices descritas en la sección “Health and Safety” (Salud y seguridad) del sitio web (schools.nyc.gov/RTShealthsafety).

Agradecemos profundamente su colaboración y compromiso de mantener su comunidad escolar segura y saludable.

Atentamente, Francine A. Marsaggi


Virtual Election Registration


Our Virtual Elections for

PTA, Student Leadership Team and Title I Representative will be held this month

Please join us and support your school!

To be a part of this election you must register to vote by


All registrations must be in by October 26th

COVID-19 Testing for Students and Staff

In addition to the paper form, the COVID-19 Testing Consent form for students in all languages is available there as well.

Families should, for each student they are connected to, give consent to COVID-19 testing in school for students in Blended Learning using their NYC Schools Account (NYCSA).

No paper form required!

Testing in our schools will begin very soon

The link to this page is

http://schools.nyc.gov/covidtesting - which includes the letter from Chancellor Carranza about the testing and an in-school testing FAQ

Update for Families on Covid-19 Testing- September 29, 2020

Student COVID-19 Testing Consent Form - September 27 2020.pdf 

Dear Families,

We are so excited to welcome you back into our school building! As we begin this new school year, the health and safety of all students and staff remains our top concern. That’s why many things in our school buildings will look different this year, from face masks to physical distancing in every classroom to disinfecting every school, every night. We are taking all of these steps to ensure that our schools remain safe, our students and staff stay healthy, and that you feel confident sending your children for in-person learning.

Today we are writing to ask for your help with another important element of our health and safety work: testing our students and staff for COVID-19. Keeping school buildings open depends on helping us stay aware of and take immediate action to address COVID-19 concerns in our buildings. That’s why we have partnered with NYC Health + Hospitals, the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, and the NYC Test & Trace Corps to arrange for testing of NYC DOE students and staff for COVID-19 infection.

Our testing partners will test a randomly selected group of staff and students in schools once per month. The number of children and staff to be tested each month will depend on the size of the school population. In addition to the random monthly testing, we are also working hard to offer in-school testing later this year for students who are showing symptoms of COVID-19, or are a confirmed close contact of someone in the school who has tested positive. The test is easy, quick, and safe. Instead of the “long swab” that goes in the back of the nose, this test is a short, small swab (like a Q-Tip) that goes just in the front of the nose. Later this school year, it is possible that tests will be administered by collecting a small amount of saliva (spit).

In order for us to administer a COVID-19 test to your child, we need your consent. We strongly encourage you to sign and return the attached consent form as soon as possible.

Monthly testing of randomly selected staff and students is a vital part of our efforts to prevent COVID-19 transmission in our buildings, because it helps identify positive COVID-19 cases when symptoms are not present. As with other health and safety measures we are requiring to keep our staff and students safe, the success of this testing initiative relies on the partnership and cooperation of staff and students.

While consent to testing is not mandatory, providing our testing partners with a sufficient monthly sample size to identify the prevalence of COVID-19 is critical in our ongoing fight against this virus and to ensure we can keep school communities in school buildings for in-person learning. For the safety of our school community, students who do not have consent forms on file may be required to learn remotely if we do not receive forms from enough students in the school.

We want to assure you that if your child is selected for testing but is uncomfortable or unable to be tested, we will not test your child and will work with you to address any concerns so that they can participate in future testing. We are focused on making this a brief, and gentle experience for our students, led by trained testers.

If your child is tested, we will let you know they were tested and when and how you will receive the results, which will typically be provided within 48-72 hours.

We know you likely have questions, and we are sharing more information in the attached Frequently Asked Questions document. Please review this with your child.

Testing in schools will begin in October. You can reach out to your school at any time with any questions or concerns.

We deeply appreciate your partnership and your commitment to keeping your school community safe and healthy.


Dave A. Chokshi,

MD, MSc Commissioner, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

Ted Long,

MD, MHS Executive Director, NYC Test & Trace Corps

Richard A. Carranza

Chancellor, New York City Department of Education



Arrival & Dismissal Times and Locations 2020/2021


Letter from Chancellor- September 21, 2020

Dear Families,

It is my pleasure to welcome you and your children to the 2020–21 school year! We could not have achieved this milestone without every one of you. I am grateful for your support and your faith in our public schools. So many New Yorkers have worked around the clock to accomplish this shared goal: the safe return of our students, teachers, and school staff to classroom and remote learning.

There is no doubt this has been a challenging seven months, but we should feel proud of the outstanding job New Yorkers have done to fight COVID-19. Our actions have led to weeks of very low infection rates citywide. However, the virus is still active in our city, state, and country. We know that there will be cases of COVID-19 this fall. The good news is we are prepared to fight this virus while holding true to our mission—ensuring that all our students continue to learn and thrive.

To carry this out, we have put in place strict health and safety protocols and created a COVID-19 Response Situation Room for DOE principals, which serves as a “one-stop shop” for school leaders in handling all COVID19 cases in schools. When principals learn of a potential COVID-19 case in their school, they call the Situation Room to report it, and medical, public health, and education staff are on hand and readily available to support principals through responding to it. Principals or their designees call the Situation Room, which helps to handle everything from there - including quickly communicating vital updates for principals to share with their school communities.

We are confident in our ability to provide your children with the healthy, safe, engaging, high-quality education you expect. We will continue to be transparent and keep you informed. In this Update for Families, I am happy to share the latest information on:

 How to complete daily health screenings for your child,

 Where to get tested for COVID-19,

 How to stay informed on COVID-19 cases in your school community, and

 What transportation to and from school looks like

In addition, to help you find key information I have shared in past updates, we have included quick links to DOE resources on:

 Health and safety measures in our schools,

 What teaching and learning looks like this year, and

 School schedules for elementary, middle, and high schools

As always, all information regarding back to school can be found at schools.nyc.gov/returntoschool2020. If you have additional questions, please contact your principal. You can find information about your child’s school, including principal contact information, on our website using “Find a School” at schoolsearch.schools.nyc.

You have heard me say that September is my favorite month, and that is especially true this year. Return to School 2020 took a team effort, thousands of hours of work, and attention to countless details to get where we are today. I could not be prouder of our families, students, educators, and everyone who works in and for our schools.

As we start the new school year together, I can assure you that the largest school system in the nation is well prepared and up to the task. Please know that we are here for you. Your teachers and principals are here for you. And, together, we will achieve a remarkable year of learning.


Richard A. Carranza

Chancellor New York City Department of Education

Busing Information- September 16, 2020

Bus route information is now available for schools and families.  Families should register for a NYCSA account in order to receive their child’s transportation assignments

Letter From Chancellor- September 14, 2020

Dear Families,
Even in the face of so much change, September is still the most exciting time of year. There’s a back-to-school energy in the air as all over the city, educators, students, and families are getting ready for the schoolyear to begin.
And all of us at the Department of Education have been busy too. In this Reopening Update for Families, I am happy to share important information on:
The 2020–21 School Calendar
Ensuring your school’s ventilation is in good working order
How to get tested for COVID-19 before the school year begins
How to stay informed on confirmed COVID-19 cases in your school community
As we prepare for the new school year, I want to reassure you that we are leaving no stone unturned to protect our students, educators, and families. That is why we are doubling down on all our health and safety protocols—from ventilation to face coverings, physical distancing, nightly cleaning, and frequent hand washing/sanitizing. It’s why we will make all information available to the public.
As always, all information regarding back to school can be found at schools.nyc.gov/returntoschool2020. If you have additional questions regarding the information in this letter, please contact your principal. You can find the page for your child’s school on our website using “Find a School” at schoolsearch.schools.nyc. Principal information is on each school’s web page in the “School Contacts and Information” section.
I also want to remind you about an important way you can help protect your school community regarding travel. Several states are still seeing high transmission rates of COVID-19-you can find the list at ny.gov/traveladvisory. All New Yorkers are strongly advised to avoid travel to these states, but if you must travel to one of these areas, you will have to fill out the New York State Traveler Health Formand quarantine for 14 days when you return to New York City—it’s required by New York State. For more information on COVID-19 testing, tracing, and how to safely quarantine, visit testandtrace.nyc.
These next few days are about getting everything ready for the incredible school year that lies ahead. We look forward to welcoming your child back for partial-day instructional orientation starting September 16, and for full-day instruction for both blended learning and remote learning on September 21!
Sincerely,Richard A.
New York City Department of Education
Reopening Update for Families:
School Calendar
We recently announced that the school year will begin for students on Wednesday, September 16 with a part-time instructional orientation period. Full-time learning will begin on Monday, September 21. I am pleased today to share with you a calendar for the full 2020-21 school year at schools.nyc.gov/calendar.
There are some important differences for this school year that we want to highlight:
September 16–18 will be remote partial instructional days for students focused on getting your child ready for learning this year. All students are expected to participate and engage. Your school will confirm your child’s exact schedule and provide log-in instruction for these three days.
September 21 is the first full-time day of teaching and learning for students in both fully remote and blended learning (in which they are learning in school buildings for part of the week, and remotely for the rest of the week).
November 3, Election Day, will be a fully remote learning day for all students. In past years, students did not attend school on Election Day.
On “snow days”-or days in which school buildings are closed due to an emergency-all students and families should plan on participating in remote learning.
Please reach out to your school with any questions you may have about the school calendar for this year.
Ventilation Inspections
Ensuring proper ventilation is an important part of our health and safety protocols. Proper ventilation can reduce the level of viruses, including COVID-19, inside buildings. According to our City and federal public health experts, a room is safe when air is able to flow in and out -whether through an open window or mechanical means, such as HVAC systems or air handlers. I am pleased to report that we have completed ventilation inspections in every New York City public school building.
Here are our findings:
Of over 64,000 classrooms inspected, 96 percent have been confirmed to have ventilation that meets City health and safety standards.
Where a ventilation issue was identified, the DOE is swiftly implementing repairs. Many issues have already been addressed and fixed.
Per federal guidance, we are also inspecting and ensuring proper ventilation in restrooms, kitchens, and other areas used by students and staff.
Any rooms with ventilation issues that haven’t been repaired before the first full-time day of teaching and learning on September 21 will not be used by staff or students.
You can see the inspection results for your child’s school by visiting schools.nyc.gov/ventilation.
How to Get Tested for COVID-19 Before the School Year Begins
It’s up to all of us to keep our school communities and families safe by wearing face coverings, keeping our distance, washing hands frequently, and getting tested! Help us keep our schools open and school communities healthy by getting tested for COVID-19before buildings reopen for learning. It’s safe, free, and easy for everyone, regardless of immigration or insurance status. To find a testing site near you, visit nyc.gov/covidtest.
How to Stay Informed on Confirmed COVID-19 Cases in Your School Community
It’s important that your school can reach you to share crucial information quickly, including alerts about confirmed COVID-19 cases in your child’s school. Please sign up for a NYC Schools Account (NYCSA)so we can contact you via phone, email, or text message. With NYCSA, you can access your child’s grades, test scores, schedules, transportation information, and more—from anywhere, and in all nine standard DOE language translations. In order to see your child’s records, request an Account Creation Code from your school. I encourage you to keep your contact information up to date,so your school can get in touch with you in the event of an emergency. If you don’t have an account, sign up today at schools.nyc.gov/nycsa. It only takes five minutes!

Discipline Code Letter 2020/21

Dear Families,

The NYC Department of Education (NYCDOE) is committed to ensuring safe, supportive, and inclusive environments in all
schools. We successfully foster these environments by providing professional learning for teachers and school staff on
how to support students who may be experiencing challenges in or outside of the school day and by engaging families as
partners in our school communities.  

Driven by our Supportive Environment Framework (https://www.weteachnyc.org/resources/resource/supportiveenvironment-framework), we know that schools need to be culturally responsive spaces where all children are
affirmed and all families are viewed as key partners in the educational process. We recognize that students experienced
unique challenges during the 2019-20 school year and need schools that are prepared to support them. Our school
communities are working diligently to support the social-emotional, mental, and physical health and safety of our

We ask that you, along with your child, review the Chancellor’s Citywide Behavioral Expectations to Support Student
Learning (https://www.schools.nyc.gov/DCode), which includes the Discipline Code and outlines the K-12 Student Bill of
Rights and Responsibilities (https://www.schools.nyc.gov/StudentRights), protections for students with disabilities, and
expectations for student behavior. Please discuss these behavioral expectations with your child. The Discipline Code
applies to all students—and includes both supports and interventions, as well as disciplinary responses. Please note that
the 2019-20 Discipline Code remains in effect for the 2020-21 school year and applies to both blended and remote
instructional settings. The full Discipline Code is available in all NYCDOE-supported at
https://www.schools.nyc.gov/DCode and can be provided by your school in paper copy, upon request. The Discipline
Code outlines how school staff will address behavioral issues with a focus on restorative approaches. For more
information about behavioral expectations during blended and remote learning, please visit

We thank you in advance for reviewing the Discipline Code and for your partnership in contributing to a supportive, safe,
and inclusive school climate. Thank you for making our school community better, stronger, and safer for all children. If
you have any questions, please contact your school’s principal.

Best wishes for the upcoming school year!

Best regards,
Mark Rampersant
Senior Executive Director
Office of Safety and Youth Development

Back to School Pledge- August 21, 2020



The Department of Education has put out a remote learning preference survey to gather information on which families would opt to have children learn 100% remotely (all online, from home)

Please fill out this survey if this is what you are considering for your child in September.





Letter from Chancellor- PLEASE COMPLETE SURVEY. 請完成調查. por favor complete la encuesta



Dear Families,

I hope you are staying safe and healthy. We are heading towards the end of the school year, soon to close the chapter on an experience none of us could have imagined. 

But while we are thinking about concluding one chapter, we are focused on the beginning of another: what the future of our schools will look like, and how we will come back in September for the 2020-21 school year. I am writing today with an important update and an opportunity to lend your voice to the planning for this fall.

You, your children, and all the staff at DOE have done an extraordinary job adjusting to a total transformation of education in the nation’s largest public school system. We must continue to center health and safety and be prepared to follow guidance issued by health experts and other important authorities as autumn approaches. Since we don’t know what the state of the coronavirus will be at that time, we must be ready for a number of options for teaching and learning. In addition to the risks posed by COVID-19 directly, we are acutely aware of the emergence of Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C), a condition related to COVID-19 that has affected children in New York City as well as across the country and the world.

What Might Fall 2020 Look Like?

We have not yet made any firm decisions for what this fall will look like as we start the 2020-2021 school year. However, we believe that all options will need to take into account social distancing. We know that for many students, nothing can quite match full-time teaching and learning in a school building. Given the ongoing health risks related to COVID-19, we also need to prepare for a variety of educational models and approaches, including what I call blended learning. Blended learning means combining in-person and remote instruction to create a powerful educational experience where each mode of learning supports the other. Throughout it all, the goal remains to provide as much in-person learning as possible, and give every child the academic support they need while keeping them safe.

Lend Your Voice Through the Return to School 2020 Survey

There are many ways blended learning can operate, and we know every student and family has experienced remote learning differently. We want to hear from you about your preferences and concerns as we head into the 2020- 2021 school year. We have created a short survey for both families and students—please take a moment to fill it out and share your thoughts by Monday, June 22. The survey is anonymous and should take about 7 minutes to complete. It’s available in 9 languages at schools.nyc.gov/returntoschool2020, and those without the ability to complete it online can do so by calling 311. Thank you in advance for taking the time to again give us your feedback: it will help us to better serve you.

Working together, we will build a strong, just, safe, and successful future for our schools and our City.


Richard A. Carranza

Chancellor New York City Department of Education

Child Mind Institute


Behavioral and Emotional Skills Training (BEST) for Caregivers

  • Is your child struggling with tantrums, hitting, arguing, or not following rules? 
  • Are you frequently getting calls about your child’s behavior at school?
  • Have you been looking for ways to better manage these issues?

Behavioral and Emotional Skills Training (BEST)

is a FREE opportunity (valued at $600)

for parents and caregivers of children in grades K-8

The BEST program will help parents/caregivers to…

  • Understand the basics of behavior management
  • Learn and practice skills to help your child with his/her behavior
  • Increase confidence in managing challenging behaviors
  • Connect with other parents and caregivers for continued support


BEST uses well-researched strategies to provide parents/caregivers clear tools for managing misbehavior, setting limits, and increasing positive behavior.  This program will help parents and caregivers increase their child’s social and emotional development skills, as well as improve their child’s self-esteem.

Days + Times: Thursday July 9th, 9:30am – 1pm

                           Friday July 31st, 12pm – 3:30pm

                           Tuesday August 11th, 1pm – 4:30pm

Location: Online via Zoom. You will be emailed the link after registration.

RSVP: Thursday, July 9th: https://forms.gle/t43E9oGjcEsB9YSx6

Friday, July 31st: https://forms.gle/3LUX84N3Wxxd7G6Z7

Tuesday, August 11th: https://forms.gle/aXMnQD2h9vN49XD9A

Questions: Contact Taylor Barkee at Taylor.Barkee@childmind.org



Letter from Chancellor-May 12, 2020

Dear Families,

Health and safety is our top priority, and the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (NYC Health Department) and the Department of Education (DOE) continue to work together to keep the city’s students, families, and staff members safe, healthy, and informed as the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic evolves.

The NYC Department of Health is currently investigating cases of Pediatric Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome, or PMIS, a new health condition appearing in children in New York City and elsewhere. The NYC Health Department is also investigating the possible association between PMIS and COVID-19 in children. Some doctors think the condition is related to having COVID19, but the connection is still not clear.

PMIS is a rare condition that is not contagious. However, because it is life-threatening, it is important to know the signs. Most children have a persistent, high fever lasting several days, along with other symptoms, including:

 Irritability or sluggishness

 Abdominal pain without another explanation

 Diarrhea

 Vomiting

 Rash

 Conjunctivitis, or red or pink eyes

 Enlarged lymph node (“gland”) on one side of the neck

 Red, cracked lips or red tongue that looks like a strawberry

 Swollen hands and feet, which might also be red

You should call your doctor if your child becomes ill and has had continued fever. Your doctor will ask about your child’s symptoms and use that information to recommend next steps. If your child is severely ill, you should go to the nearest emergency room or call 911 immediately.

Although it is not yet known whether it is associated with COVID-19, it is important parents and children take precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 2

Parents should help their children understand the importance of the following measures and ensure their children follow them:

 As per NYS Executive Order No. 202.17, all people over the age of two who can medically tolerate a face covering must wear one when they are outside their home if they cannot maintain physical distance from others.

 Physical distancing and good hygiene remain critical, even while wearing a face covering.

 When outside the home, adults and children must maintain at least 6 feet of distance between themselves and others whenever possible.

 Parents should remind children of the importance of good hand hygiene and should help ensure that children frequently wash their hands.

The health and safety of our communities remain our top priority, and we will continue to follow all guidance and take all appropriate measures to help keep our students, families, and staff members safe. Please contact 311 with any questions.


Richard A. Carranza



Full Access to Wonders- 完全進入奇蹟- Acceso total a las maravillas

In order to gain full access to Wonders you will need to Allow Pop-ups on your device.  If you continue to have a problem please reach out to pbiundo@schools.nyc.gov  



Para obtener acceso completo a Wonders, deberá Permitir ventanas emergentes en su dispositivo. Si continúa teniendo un problema, comuníquese con pbiundo@schools.nyc.gov

Resources for Parents

        Image result for Resources for Parents

Below is an agency providing free groups and activities for ages 4 up to 18. I think this would be helpful especially for 5th graders and  middle schoolers. I've also included a cute video from Elmo that you can share with your younger students and hopefully also puts a smile on your face. 😊 
 video of Elmo describing what the word virtual means and new ways to communicate: 
This resource offers  free tutoring and other programs for ages 4-18 and a parent support group
All of their services are free now; Here is this link and list of the services they are currently providing:

We have been working around the clock to transition our programs into online opportunities available to children anywhere in New York ages 4-18. 

Our virtual youth mentoring programs create opportunities for children to connect with peers and friends and build new connections in a safe and trusted way. Our mentor specialists are here to support your child and engage them in educational, fun online activities and events.

Available programs include:

One-on-one tutoring

Remote learning is an adjustment. Our tutors are here to help kids ages 4-18 to adjust to remote learning during the school day. 

Arts activity group

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, kids ages 5-18 will have the chance to engage in fine arts, painting, coloring etc. with others while social distancing. 

Yoga & Meditation group

On Mondays, kids ages 4-18 practice yoga and meditation, establishing a calm, competent mindset for the rest of the week. 

LEGO activity group

On Fridays and Saturdays, kids and learn how to build and create with LEGOs!

Read Aloud & Storytelling

Kids ages 5-8 have the opportunity to experience popular children's books as they are read aloud. 

We have programs for parents, too. We offer a virtual parenting group to support families during remote learning, parenting, and adjusting during these uncertain times. You don't have to go through this alone. Our team is here to support you.

We hope these free virtual services can make these uncertain, challenging times a little easier. Stay tuned for more programs. 

Supporting Kids During the Coronavirus Crisis



和孩子談論 COVID-19(冠狀病毒) 家長資源 一

種新型冠狀病毒(簡稱 COVID-19)正在引起呼吸道(肺部)疾病的爆發。它首先在中國被發現, 現在已經擴 散到全球範圍。雖然它對美國大眾的即時健康風險還較低, 但是, 為今後風險提高時可能爆發的疫情做準 備卻很重要。

對於這種新型病毒的擔心會讓孩子和家人產生焦慮情緒。雖然我們不知道這種疾病會在美國什麼地方傳 播和擴散程度, 但是, 我們知道: 它具有傳染性、病情的嚴重程度會因人而異、我們可以採取措施預防傳 播。認同一定程度的擔憂而不恐慌是恰當的做法, 可以讓人們採取行動, 減少患病的風險。幫助兒童應對 焦慮情緒需要提供準確的預防信息和事實, 並且不會引起不必要的恐慌。 兒童依賴成年人指導他們如何應對壓力事件-記住這一點很重要。如果父母看起來過度焦慮﹐兒童的焦慮 情緒也會上升。家長應當向孩子保證 - 衛生和學校官員正在努力工作, 確保全國人民的健康。但是, 孩子 也需要了解有關患病風險潛在嚴重性的適齡事實, 以及如何避免感染和傳播這種疾病的具體指導。教導兒 童積極的預防措施、與他們談論自身的恐懼、並讓他們了解如何控制感染的風險 — 這些都有助於降低焦 慮感。 具體指引 保持鎮靜﹐讓兒童感到安心。

• 孩子會回應並遵循您的口頭和非口頭反應。

• 您針對 COVID-19 的言行、正在採取的預防措施和相關事件都會增加或減少兒童的焦慮情緒。

• 如果是這樣, 請向孩子強調, 他們和家人都沒事。

• 提醒他們, 您和他們所在學校的成人會保證他們的安全和健康。

• 讓孩子訴說他們的感受, 並幫助他們正確看待發生的事件。 隨時準備好幫助他們。

• 孩子可能需要您給予更多的關心﹐並且希望與您談論他們的擔憂、恐懼和問題。

• 讓他們知道有人願意聽他們訴說很重要; 抽時間陪他們。

• 告訴他們您愛他們, 並給他們很多愛心。 避免過多指責。

• 當緊張情緒高漲時, 我們有時候會想要指責他人。

• 重要的是要避免對任何群體抱有成見, 認為他們應當對病毒負責。

• 應當停止對他人的霸凌或負面評論, 並報告給學校。

2 • 注意其他成年人在您家人旁邊所做的任何評論。如果這些評論與您家中的價值觀不同, 您可能需要向 孩子說明這些評論的意思。 監督孩子看電視和使用社交媒體。

• 限制孩子看電視或通過網路或社交媒體獲取信息。當孩子在旁邊時, 嘗試避免觀看或收聽令人沮喪的 消息。

• 告訴孩子, 在互聯網上有多少關於 COVID-19 的故事是根據謠言和不實資訊炮製的。

• 和孩子談論有關這種疾病的事實資訊—這樣做可以減少焦慮情緒。

• 一直查看 COVID-19 的最新情況會增加焦慮情緒—應當避免這樣做。 • 請注意, 不適合孩子身心發展程度的資訊(例如, 旨在提供給成人的資訊)會導致焦慮或疑惑(尤其是幼 兒)。

• 可以引導孩子做一些遊戲或其它有趣的活動。 盡可能保持正常的作息時間。 • 維持正常的作息時間能夠令人心安並促進身體健康。 • 鼓勵孩子繼續堅持做功課和參加課外活動。但是如果他們感到負擔太重, 也不要強迫他們。 做到誠實和準確。 • 在沒有事實資訊的情況下, 孩子經常會想像出一些比現實遭很多的情形。 • 不要忽視他們的擔憂, 不過要向他們解釋, 目前在這個國家只有很少的人感染 COVID-19。 • 可以告訴孩子, 這種疾病被認為是通過人與人之間相互密切接觸傳播的—當被感染的人咳嗽或打噴嚏 時。 • 當你觸摸被感染的表面或物品時也會傳播這種疾病, 因此, 保護好自己很重要。 • 如果您需要更多的事實資訊, 請與您所在學校的護士聯繫、詢問您的家庭醫生或瀏覽網站 https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html。 了解 COVID-19 的症狀。 • CDC 認為, 這些症狀在接觸過病患後幾天內出現或在接觸後最長 14 天出現。 o 發燒 o 咳嗽 o 呼吸困難 • 有些人的症狀就像得了感冒; 而有些人則非常嚴重, 甚至危及生命。無論是哪種情況, 重要的是向孩子 或您自己的保健醫生詢問情況並遵循待在家或遠離公共場所的指示, 以阻止病毒的傳播。 作為保護措施, 審查和示範衛生和健康生活的基本做法。 • 鼓勵孩子每天操練良好的衛生習慣—預防疾病傳染的簡單步驟: o 每天勤洗手, 每次洗手時間至少 20 秒(慢慢唱歌曲"一閃一閃小星星"需要大約 20 秒)。 o 打噴嚏或咳嗽時用紙巾遮住嘴, 然後立即把紙巾扔掉, 或者在打噴嚏或咳嗽時用手肘遮住。不要與 他人共享食物或飲料。 o 不要握手, 練習碰拳或碰手肘。這樣可以傳播較少的病毒。 • 給孩子提供指導, 告訴他們可以做什麼來預防感染, 這會讓他們對疾病傳播有更大的掌控感, 並幫助減 少他們的焦慮情緒。 • 鼓勵孩子吃平衡的膳食、保證充足睡眠並定期鍛鍊; 這會幫助他們建立強大的免疫系統, 以抵抗疾病。 討論學校的新規則或新做法。 • 很多學校已經在操練疾病預防習慣, 包括經常洗手或使用含有酒精的洗手液。 3 • 您所在學校的護士或校長會把新規則或新做法的信息發給您。 • 請務必與孩子討論這件事。 • 如果您有具體問題, 請與所在學校的護士聯繫。 與孩子所在的學校溝通。 • 如果孩子生病, 請通知學校, 並讓孩子留在家裡。孩子的學校可能會詢問孩子是否發燒。這項信息將幫 助學校了解孩子留在家裡的原因。如果孩子被確診感染 COVID-19, 請通知學校, 以便他們可以與當地 衛生部門交流並獲得指引。 • 如果孩子因 COVID-19 導致的焦慮或壓力而面臨困難, 請與學校護士、學校心理學家、學校輔導員或 學校社工聯繫。他們可以在學校為孩子提供指導和支持。 • 請務必遵循學校的所有要求。 騰出時間交談 您最了解孩子。讓他們提問, 並依據這些問題來確定應當為他們提供多少資訊。但是, 為了保證孩子的 健康, 請不要刻意避免告訴他們衛生官員認為的重要信息。有耐心; 談論自己的擔憂對兒童和青少年來 說有時並不是一件容易的事。留意他們想和您談話的跡象, 例如當您在洗碗或整理院子時, 他們總是在 您身旁走來走去。年幼的孩子經常會問幾個問題, 又跑回去玩, 然後又跑回來再問更多的問題。 在分享信息時需要注意的是: 務必在不會增加壓力的情況下提供事實, 提醒孩子成人正在努力解決這個 問題, 並告訴孩子他們可以採取哪些行動保護自己。 有關這種病毒的信息更新很快—請訪問以下網站獲取最正確的信息: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html。 說明要符合孩子的年齡。 • 小學低年級的孩子需要簡單扼要的資訊, 既要提供有關 COVID-19 的事實, 又要適當地向他們保證學 校和家的安全性, 還要讓他們知道大人會幫助他們保持健康並在他們生病時照顧他們。舉一些簡單 的例子(例如洗手), 告訴他們人們每天採取哪些步驟阻止細菌傳播並保護健康。使用這樣的語言, 例 如"成年人正在努力工作, 保證你的安全。" • 小學高年級和初中低年級學生會提出更多問題, 詢問自己是否真的安全、以及如果學校或社區爆發 COVID-19 怎麼辦。他們也許需要大人幫忙區分實際情況與謠言和想像。討論學校和社區領袖為阻 止細菌傳播所做的努力。 • 初中高年級學生和高中生有能力更深入地討論這個問題, 可以把有關 COVID-19 事實的適當信息來 源直接轉給他們。提供有關 COVID-19 現狀的真實、準確的切實資訊。掌握這種資訊可以幫助學生 培養掌控感。 和孩子交談時可以強調的重點 • 家中和學校的成人會負責保護你的健康和安全。如果你有擔心的問題, 請與你信任的一名成人交 談。 • 並不是每個人都會感染冠狀病毒(COVID-19)疾病。學校和衛生官員尤其注意, 以確保盡量少的人染 病。 • 重要的是, 所有學生應當相互尊重, 不要就誰可能感染或誰可能沒有感染 COVID-19 妄下結論。 • 以下是您可以做的一些事, 以便保持健康和避免傳播疾病: o 避免與生病的人密切接觸。 4 o 如果您生病了, 請留在家裡。 o 咳嗽或打噴嚏時用紙巾或手肘遮住口鼻, 然後把紙巾丟進垃圾。 o 避免用手去碰自己的眼睛、鼻子和嘴。 o 勤用肥皂和水洗手(20 秒)。 o 如果您沒有肥皂和水, 可以使用消毒洗手液(含有 60-95%的酒精)。 o 使用普通的家用清潔噴霧或濕巾對經常碰觸的物品和表面進行清潔和消毒。 更多資源 與孩子交談: 在傳染病爆發期間供托兒業者、父母和老師使用的提示, https://store.samhsa.gov/product/Talking-With-Children-Tips-for-Caregivers-Parents-and-Teachers-DuringInfectious-Disease-Outbreaks/SMA14-4886 在傳染病爆發期間應對壓力, https://store.samhsa.gov/product/Coping-with-Stress-During-Infectious-DiseaseOutbreaks/sma14-4885 疾病控制和預防中心, 2019 冠狀病毒疾病(COVID-19), https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019- ncov/about/transmission.html 在家、在遊樂場和外出時洗手和使用消毒洗手液, https://www.cdc.gov/handwashing/pdf/hand-sanitizerfactsheet.pdf 如果希望了解與學校、身體和心理健康有關的更多信息, 請訪問 www.nasponline.org and www.nasn.org。

Links to Resources

Financial: ● https://a069-access.nyc.gov/accesshra/https://labor.ny.gov/unemploymentassistance.shtm

Tenant’s Rights Hotline: 212-979-0611

Quarantined with an abuser:

● National Domestic Violence Hotline : 1-800-799-7233 ● https://www.thehotline.org  

● NY State DV hotline: 1-800-942-6906

Food: ● https://www.schools.nyc.gov/school-life/food/free-meals-for-allhttp://www.invisiblehandsdeliver.com/

Mental Health: ● https://nycwell.cityofnewyork.us/en/https://mhanational.org/covid19

Self Care: https://www.calm.com/blog/take-a-deep-breath?utm_source=lifecycle&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=difficult_times_subs_031720

WiFi Access: https://corporate.charter.com/newsroom/charter-to-offer-free-access-to-spectrum-broadband-and-wifi-for-60-days-for-new-K12-and-college-student-households-and-more







Queensboro Hill Library  has virtual programs for kids everyday on our Facebook live page  at: https://www.facebook.com/childrenslibrarian  go to our facebook page to see the virtual programs, so you can add us as a friend

Everyday at 3pm: Positivity Power Program where I teach meditations and positive self affirmations                                                                                                          Mondays  at 4pm: Chapter book read aloud where I read a few chapters of The LIghtning Thief by Rick Riordan.
Tuesdays 4pm: Graphic Novel read aloud for older kids  f Making Friends by Kristen Gudsnuk
Wednesdays-10am: Alphabet sing along songs and puppets for Toddlers
Thursdays  11am to 12pm: Toddler Time
Fridays at 4pm to 5pm: home DIY family friendly crafts for all aged kids
Saturdays at 11am -Early Reader Chapter books read aloud for 1st and 2nd graders.

If you don't have a library card, you can sign up for a free digital library card and use our ebooks.

Apply Here: https://www.queenslibrary.org/get-a-card/eUser

Parents can access online learning through the DOE like iready, microsoft teams, office (word, etc.) scholastic and more if they login to their student accounts. 


I know you mentioned this but there is a direct way of doing this through the DOE site, also teams is available to students if teachers are looking for a more secure site to video chat.
The way that families create user names and passwords on this site is they scroll down to students and enter the oasis numbers and retrieve their username. Then they create a password.
I have tried different students and helped parents but then they can't access the actual assignments from the teacher, they have to rely on google classroom.  
Another thing I noticed is when teachers linked Envisions to their google classroom, they created new envisions accounts that are not linked to our Admin page.  I can explain more, but I know the teachers have already started using the sites and assigning work on their pages but it is not showing up on the admin page or the doe log-in to Envisions.  
The only time it becomes an issue is if parents login to the doe page and go to envisions, they will not find their student's work.  This became an issue for parents on Friday that told me Google Classroom was giving them trouble and they wanted to access envisions directly.  When  I gave them the login info they signed on to their student's accounts and couldn't find the assignments.  They can only be found if they logon through google classroom, because they are accessing Pearson accounts that are not linked to the school's admin page.
For example
Here is where you would logon to pearson if you were going directly to pearson.  You can also access iready from this site, and teams, nyplibrary and other resources.
I can explain more on Monday, but I just wanted to let you know about all these systems issues.


Beginning today and for the next four weeks, 400 grocery boxes a day prepared by FreshDirect will be picked up by participating Queens community-based organizations (CBOs) to distribute amongst their constituents, including seniors, low-income families and other vulnerable populations across all 14 Queens Community Districts.  The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey will assist transporting some of the bulk grocery boxes to limited CBOs.

The Queens CBOs participating in the very first week of the initiative —  include:

  • Catholic Charities: St. Mary’s of Winfield in Woodside

  • Catholic Charities: St. Raphael in Long Island City

  • Chinese American Planning Council, Inc. (CPC) Queens Community Center in Flushing

  • CommonPoint Queens – Sam Field Center in Little Neck

  • Elmcor Youth and Adult Activity, Inc. in Corona

  • HANAC, Inc. Ravenswood in Astoria

  • Harding Ford Vision, Inc. in Jamaica

  • Jewish Association for Services for the Aged (JASA) Rockaway Park Senior Center in Rockaway Park

  • Korean Community Services of Metropolitan New York, Inc. (KCS) Neighborhood Senior Centers in Corona and Flushing

  • Our Lady of Grace in Howard Beach

  • Peter Cardella Senior Citizens Center in Ridgewood

  • Project Hope Charities, Inc. in Jamaica

  • Queens Community House in Flushing and Kew Gardens

  • River Fund New York in Richmond Hill

  • Services Now for Adult Persons, Inc. (SNAP) in Queens Village

  • Sunnyside Community Services’ Center for Active Older Adults in Sunnyside

Any Queens-based CBOs interested in participating in the remaining weeks of the FreshDirect initiative can call 718-286-2680 or email info@queensbp.org, with the subject line “FreshDirect.”

Each box, provided free of charge by FreshDirect, will contain the following:

  • Rice (2 bags, 16oz)

  • Pasta (2 boxes, 16oz)

  • Canned beans (2 cans, 10-16oz)

  • Canned meat/fish (2 cans, 3-5oz)

  • Canned vegetables (2 cans, 8-15oz)

  • Raisins/dried fruit (4 boxes, 2oz per box)

  • Cereal/oatmeal (1 box, 10-20oz)

  • Milk/milk substitute (1 container, 32oz)

  • Corn (2 ears)

  • 2 potatoes (two)

  • 1 onion

  • 1 carrot

  • Orange/apple (2 in total)

In addition, Nestle Waters is donating 80,000 gallons of water and Boar’s Head will be donating 25,000 Pepperoni Pouches to the grocery boxes.

Also families that in Queens and Brooklyn that are home bound can reach out to:  





Financial assistance    經濟支援    Asistencia financiera


NYC Human Resources Administration (HRA) 718-557-1399 (Hours: Monday through Friday 8am-5pm) Can provide cash assistance and emergency grants for people hardest hit by COVID-19. Apply online (www.nyc.gov/accesshra). HRA is currently updating application requirements to cut down the need for in-person meetings. Once the application is submitted online people will receive updated instructions.

Financial Support for Rental Arrears through HRA 718-557-1399 (Hours: Monday through Friday 8am-5pm) If this crisis causes you to get behind on rent or you were behind on previously, you can apply for emergency cash assistance. Please note – this was a pre-existing program and due to the extraordinary circumstances of the current crisis there may be updates in the coming weeks.

Food   餐飲  Comida

Food Help NYC Emergency Food Assistance New York City’s public site about how to access emergency food assistancehttp://foodhelp.nyc/emergency-assistance-en/

Food Help NYC Map New York City’s public map of food pantry locations. Check for updates regarding closings to confirm whether you should go. https://maps.nyc.gov/foodhelp/#map-page

Food Bank NYC Updated Maps Food Bank NYC locations updated to reflect closings. https://www.foodbanknyc.org/get-help/

Food Bank NYC’s COVID-19 Response Updates from Food Bank NYC about their support during the crisis. https://www.foodbanknyc.org/covid-19/

City Harvest Mobile Markets City Harvest Mobile Markets are continuing to operate in neighborhoods around the city. Check the website for a schedule. https://www.cityharvest.org/programs/mobile-markets/



   Stories are free to stream on your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet using the following link https://stories.audible.com/start-listen

您可以使用以下鏈接在您的台式機,筆記本電腦,手機或平板電腦上自由播放 https://stories.audible.com/start-listen

Las historias se pueden transmitir gratis en su computadora de escritorio, computadora portátil, teléfono o tableta utilizando el siguiente enlace https://stories.audible.com/start-listen

Image result for ArtsCheck out this list of Virtual Events from institutions from across the state offering streaming movies and performances, hands-on activities for kids and families, and virtual galleries. https://arts.ny.gov/event

從各州的機構中查看此虛擬事件列表,這些機構提供流媒體電影和表演. https://arts.ny.gov/event

Consulte esta lista de eventos virtuales de instituciones de todo el estado que ofrecen películas y actuaciones en streaming


Coping During COVID-19: Resources for parents | Child Mind Institute

Coping During COVID-19: Resources for parents. With schools closed, children at home anxiety is running high. We know parents are struggling to balance work, child care, self care all while keeping worries — both your children’s and you own— under control.  https://childmind.org/coping-during-covid-19-resources-for-parents/



Recursos para padres que pueden estar luchando en este momento






Remote Learning Survey-April 20, 2020

Remote Learning Device Request




Staff Video! WE MISS YOU!

 PS 163Q is BRAVE.mov 

We Miss You Greeting Cards | Family cards, Free ecards, Cards我們想你


Woman's History Month Winners!!!


Sophia Tabares Class 103           


Keila Gonzalez Class 304 


Constantine Tehozol  Class 204


Special Video from Principal Marsaggi



Remote Learning Plan for Parents

Remote Learning Plan for Parents

We want to assure you that the P.S. 163 staff has been working hard to ensure that your children will be receiving continuous instruction.   Beginning Monday, March 23, 2020 we will be providing instruction remotely using Google Classroom.  

At this point  


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact:

Grades Pre-K, K, 2, 4     Mrs. Kaul   Tmavrikos-kual@schools.nyc.gov Grades 1, 3, 5   Mr. Barone    JBarone@schools.nyc.gov

For Pupil Personnel   Mrs. Helen Chang Hchang4@schools.nyc.gov

For all other concerns Mrs. Marsaggi  FMarsaggi@schools.nyc.gov


I wish only the best health and security to your families.  Be well and be safe.  We will get through this challenging time together.

With Warm Regards,

Francine A. Marsaggi









  • 您孩子的老師應該擁有更新的聯繫信息,包括您的電話號碼和電子郵件



  • 繼續每天檢查孩子的班級頁面以獲取更新





幼兒園至K,2、4年級Kaul Tmavrikos-kual@schools.nyc.gov

         1、3、5年級Barone JBarone@schools.nyc.gov  

Helen Chang- Hchang4@schools.nyc.gov     

  1. Marsaggi FMarsaggi@schools.nyc.gov




Estimados padres / tutores, Queremos asegurarle que los empleados de P.S. 163 han estado trabajando duamente para garantizar que sus hijos reciban instrucción continua. A partir del lunes 23 de marzo de 2020, proporcionaremos instrucciones de forma remota con Google Classroom. · El maestro de su hijo debe tener su información de contacto actualizada, incluido su número de teléfono y correo electrónico · Debe tener su contraseña para la cuenta de MySchools https://mystudent.nyc · Continúe visitando el sitio web de la escuela www.ps163 diariamente · Continúe revisando diariamente la página de clase de su hijo para ver si hay actualizaciones · Para actividades de aprendizaje adicionales, consulte el sitio web de NYCDOE https://www.schools.nyc.gov/learning/learn-at-home Si tiene alguna pregunta o inquietud, no dude en contactarnos: Grados Pre-K, K, 2, 4 Sra. Kual Tmavrikos-kual@schools.nyc.gov  Grados 1, 3, 5 Sr. Barone JBarone@schools.nyc.gov  Para el personal del alumno Sra. Helen Chang Hchang4@schools.nyc.gov   Para todas las demás preocupaciones Sra. Marsaggi FMarsaggi@schools.nyc.gov  Solo deseo la mejor salud y seguridad para sus familias. Estar bien y estar a salvo. Pasaremos este desafiante tiempo juntos.

Letter from Chancellor- August 6, 2020

Dear Families,

The educators and staff at your child’s school, and all of us at the DOE, continue to work around the clock to prepare for a safe and healthy return to school in September. An important part of our planning depends on you! Today I am writing with additional information and an important reminder as we head into September.

All schools are currently preparing for a blended learning model. Blended learning means that students learn part of the time in-person in school buildings, and continue their learning remotely, from home, on the remaining weekdays. Any family can also choose all-remote learning this fall, for any reason. If all-remote learning is your preference, we ask to hear from you by filling out a short web form at schools.nyc.gov/returntoschool2020, or by calling 311, by this Friday, August 7. If you begin in blended learning, you can decide later to transition to all-remote, but to best support schools in their planning for reopening, we ask that those who have a preference for 100% remote notify us by this Friday, August 7. 


As you consider which learning model is best for your child, I want to restate our guiding principles that apply to every student’s education: All students will be learning five days a week, and teachers will continue to deliver high-quality instruction that is culturally responsive, rigorous and developmentally appropriate for all students, in all learning settings.

We are sharing additional information below about both blended and all-remote instruction to empower you to make this choice. This builds on the information contained in the letter sent to families in late July comparing remote and blended learning, which you can find at schools.nyc.gov/messagesforfamilies.

Types of Teaching and Learning 

Whether your child is participating in blended learning or learning 100 percent remotely, they will receive instruction by 1) interacting live with their teachers and 2) by independently completing assignments and projects throughout the school day and week.


Students engaged in remote learning will, for the most part, be taught by teachers from their school community. While there may be limited exceptions on a school-by-school basis, parents can expect their children to be assigned teachers from their school community when they receive their children’s full schedules before the school year begins.

Live Interaction

Teachers will provide daily live instruction for our fully remote learners, as well as for those students participating in the blended learning model. Teachers will deliver live instruction in short intervals (15– 20 consecutive minutes) throughout the school day for our youngest learners and may increase in length based on the student’s developmental stage and grade level. We will share additional information on live instruction in the coming weeks.

Posting Schedules 

Schools will post class schedules and schedules for live instruction for all students—those fully remote as well as those participating in blended learning—online. You will have access to these schedules in advance so you can plan your work and family commitments. Schools will also ensure students have sufficient time for high-quality interactions with their teachers and classmates.

Direct Support 

Teachers will have dedicated time every school day to engage with students and families via video conference or telephone. We encourage you to take advantage of this time to get guidance and updates related to your child’s progress and learning.

Lunch in the Classroom 

In-person student lunch will be instructional time in most instances, modeled on our Breakfast in the Classroom program. In elementary schools, for example, during lunch, students will take part in learning activities that are fun, engaging, and enriching, such as interactive read-alouds, social-emotional learning, and content through music. In middle and high schools, during lunch, students will engage with a specific content area. Schools will maintain all health and safety guidelines for in-person learning and for consuming food and drink during this time.

Community Building 

All students will have routines that build community, center the day, and set them up for success. This will provide all students with community- and relationship-building experiences that are an integral part of a typical school community. For example, this may consist of a daily morning meeting where the teacher engages students in activities related to social-emotional wellness and community-building, or a daily closing activity where the teacher recaps the learning for the day, and gets students prepared for the following day. Schools and teachers will share more about this as we approach the first day of school.

Social-Emotional Support 

We know that current circumstances in the pandemic have been very difficult for you and your children. Students have been isolated from their teachers, classmates, and school communities. For this reason, we will allow time for teachers, school-based staff, and students to readjust to being in school buildings and to adapt to changes. In addition, we will integrate social-emotional activities and trauma-informed care into academic subjects to the greatest extent possible throughout the day. We will also prioritize mental health supports throughout the school year.


All students must meet the same academic requirements, whether they are engaged in fully remote or blended learning. The teacher overseeing your child’s classwork is responsible for designing or selecting assessments to measure student progress. These may include projects, exams administered within or outside the online platform, portfolios, and other measures of student mastery.

There is no doubt that we have all learned a lot since March—both about the virus, and about our ability to keep learning going during this unprecedented time. That is why we won’t settle for anything but the most rigorous and engaging instructional experience for your child, in whatever learning model you choose. Your needs—along with those of your children and the staff who serve them—continue to be at the center of our back-to-school planning.

We will send more information in the coming days and weeks. As always, we encourage you to check schools.nyc.gov/returntoschool2020 for the latest information on what the next year will bring.

Thank you for being part of the DOE family.


Richard A. Carranza

Chancellor New York City Department of Education 

Parent Guide to Google Classroom

Respect For All Liaison

Image result for respect for all

Ellen Mermelstein

Guidance Counselor and Respect For All Liaison


Statement of Accessibility

Statement on Accessibility: We are working to make this website easier to access for people with disabilities, and will follow the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0. If you need assistance with a particular page or document on our current site, please contact ffiore2@schools.nyc.gov to request assistance.

Mission Statement at PS 163Q


The Mission of P.S. 163Q is to engage all students in learning experiences that build upon their strengths and natural curiosities. We believe that each and every student is special and unique, enabling us to better understand and nurture their gifts.Through a partnership with parents and teachers we will create an engaging, rigorous environment where students are able to talk about their thinking, challenge their ideas, grow new ideas, and put their thoughts into action. Through this collaboration, we are creating a body of learners that will have the skills to be the change agents of today’s world.  Our students will “USE THEIR MINDS TO CREATE CHANGE”.

Bricks 4 Kidz


Our Visit from the China Youth Culture Ambassadors (CYCA)- January 15, 2020

We are so excited and honored that our students and staff at PS 163  have this amazing opportunity to experience a wonderful performance  from the CYCA and that they chose us to share this with!




Chinese Lantern Parent Workshop- January 9, 2020




Our Lunar New Year Show- January 29, 2020



Ugly Holiday Sweater Contest!-December 20, 2019




Our Visit from Chancellor Carranza-November 12, 2019

Our Pumpkin Patch! October 31, 2019





Cancer Walk

Image result for cancer walk

Unity Day @ PS 163- October 25, 2019



Day of Heritage- October 16, 2019

Day of Heritage- School-wide Celebration


Report Cards & Parent/Teacher Conferences







Cosmic IQ @ PS 163


The Library Bus @ PS 163- June 12, 2019




PS 163 Seussabration!- March 1, 2019

 What a wonderful celebration we had!  Our Dr. Seuss Buddy Reading was a GREAT Success!


Our School Carnival- April 15, 2019



Lunar New Year Assembly & Celebration- February 8, 2019


Unity Day Parade- October 26, 2018

What an amazing celebration of Unity at PS 163!  Our Unity Day was such a great success!



Fall Festival- October 31, 2018


Our First Annual Costume Parade and Pumpkin Patch was so much fun this year!  We would like to start off by Thanking the parents who joined us that day and a Very BIG Thank you to the families that donated to our Fall festivities.  Your generous donations allow us to be able to plan fun activities for the students at PS 163.  



Dads Take your child to School-September 18, 2018


WOW what an amazing morning!  Thanks to all the dads for taking the time out of their schedule to take your child to school today and spend some time enjoying refreshments, pictures, meeting other dads and quality time with your child.


Wild and Crazy Challenge! May 25, 2018

The Wild and Crazy Game Show is a Nickelodeon Style Game show with rounds of questions followed by Wild & Crazy Physical Challenges.  As a grand finale we invite the principal, teachers, and parents on stage to participate in their special round of questions followed by a Fun (sometimes messy) physical challenge.


Continental Cuisine- May 19, 2018

Our Continental Cuisine & Celebration was such a great success!  Thank you to all that were involved in the planning of this very detailed event!  Thank you to the staff and families who joined us for this wonderful celebration!


Asian Storytelling Trip

Classes 304 and 405 had such an AWESOME time at the Asian Storytelling Performance trip they attended.  Four of our students were given the opportunity to perform the ribbon dance as the opening act to the show and one of our students was chosen to play a 150 lb. drum from Japan.  What an amazing experience!!! 


This Month We Celebrate......



Our Visit from Chancellor Carranza- May 11, 2018



Fire and Ice Assembly for Grades 3-5 - May 10, 2018



Poem in your pocket day!- April 24, 2018

Poem in Your Pocket Day! April 24, 2018

Image result for poem in your pocket day 2018

Family PE Night- April 27, 2018

 Family Physical Education night here at PS 163 

Image result for family phys ed night


Backward Day! April 27, 2018

Backward Day 

Image result for backward day   

Rising New York Road Runners

" Rising New York Road Runners youth program is built to develop movement skills in kids through a mix of running and fitness activities. The program is designed to help kids build their confidence, their motivation, and their desire to be physically active for life. With the help of their coaches, students learn to run distances from 1 to 3 miles. Rising New York Road Runners serves kids in NYC and nationwide, from pre-k through 12th grade." 


Seussabration Day at PS 163- March 2, 2018


Image result for happy birthday dr seussImage result for seussabration day



Grade 5 Bake Sale- March 23rd and March 26th


Image result for bake sale

Friday, March 23rd and Monday, March 26th 5th grade will be having a Bake Sale during all our lunch periods to raise money for graduation.






Get Moving New York

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Storytelling Night @ PS 163-March 2, 2018


Image result for storytelling                          Image result for happy birthday dr seuss

On Friday, March 2, 2018 at 6:30 PM in our school cafeteria we will be having a Storytelling night with LuAnn Adams honoring Dr. Seuss since today is Dr. Seuss' Birthday!  Milk and cookies will be served as well.

We hope  all the PS 163 families can join us!

No One Eats Alone- February 14, 2018


Chinese Delegation Visit- February 7, 2018

On Wednesday, February 7th we had the pleasure of hosting an amazing group from Beijing Banchang Primary School.  What a treat to have them visit our school building and watch the beautiful performance they did for us.  We also had the pleasure of performing for them, giving them a tour of our building and Dual Language program as well as enjoying a delicious lunch with them.  It was so nice to spend the day with this amazing group of students.


Leap Assembly- February 2, 2018

Classes K08, 105, 204, 2/305 and their families taking part in the LEAP Assembly today


Progress Reports- February 2, 2018

Progress Reports for Students in Grades 1-5 will be sent home February 2, 2018

Image result for Progress Reports

Kindergarten Report Cards-January 30, 2018

Kindergarten Report Cards will be sent home on January 30, 2018

Image result for report cards distributed

Career Day- January 31, 2018







Talent Show-January 26, 2018

    Image result for talent show                             


FREE BOOK GIVEAWAY-January 13, 2018


FREE Nutrition Workshops- January- March 2018

Image result for nutrition workshop

Cornell University is offering FREE Nutrition Workshops for PS 163 Families!!!!

Come and learn about: Basic Nutrition/Choose my plate, Portion Size, Food Safety, Menu Planning, Food Shopping and Budgeting, Food Preparation, Feeding Children, Physical Activities etc...

There will be 8-10 Workshops at 8:45 AM in the Cafeteria on the following dates:

January 10th, 17th, 24th

February 7th, 14th, 28th 

March 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th (Celebration and Certificates)

Ugly Sweater Contest- December 22, 2017

Image result for ugly sweater contest





Holiday Sale- December 20th & 21st

 Thanks to all the families at PS 163 who took part in our Holiday Sale.  Our Sale was a great success thanks to you!  The children were excited to purchase gifts for family members and some for themselves and had a great time doing it.




Coffee with the Principal- December 19, 2017

    Will take place December 19, 2017 at 9:00 AM in the Cafeteria

Toys for Tots

We would like to thank the families and staff at PS 163 for their generous donations to our Toys for Tots fundraiser.  The marines were here today to pick up the boxes and we were so proud that we were able to fill two boxes thanks to your generosity!  The Marines were very impressed at the amount of toys we received.  Have a wonderful holiday!


Book of the Month!

Image result for book of the month


We are excited to distribute the Book of the Month to our classrooms for this month.  The book this Month is the following:

Image result for the jester has lost his jingle

Thanksgiving Celebration- November 21, 2017

Image result for thanksgiving celebration


Friday, September 15th it begins!!!


Pre-K Celebration-November 14, 2017

Today Pre-K had a Thanksgiving Celebration with parents.  We were so happy that so many of you were able to join us in this celebration.  The kids had a blast!


Image result for pre k celebration


Student Council Speeches- November 6, 2017

              Image result for student council speeches                 

We are so proud of the students who took part in the election process for the Student Council Executive Board.  Congratulations to all the winners!!!




Basketball Tryouts

Image result for basketball tryouts

Basketball Tryouts Day 1  October 31st from  7:15-8:00 AM 

Basketball Tryouts Day 2 November 2nd from 7:15-8:00 AM

PTA/PS 163 Fall Festival- October 28, 2017


Our Fall Festival was a huge success!!! 

We were so happy to see all the families that were able to join us for this fun filled day.



Coffee with the Principal- October 17, 2017

Image result for coffee with the principal

Parents have the opportunity to enjoy Coffee and meet with Ms. Marsaggi.  

This will take place on Tuesday, October 17th @ 9:00 AM

Curriculum Night- October 20, 2017


Jump start Respect for All!! October 16, 2017


Today we had our Respect for All Assembly and the students did an amazing job taking part in this initiative.  We will continue our 3 B's to acknowledge our students for the amazing job they do in treating others with kindness and respect.  Here at PS 163 we take pride in teaching our students the importance of treating everyone equally and being thoughtful, respectful and kind to everyone , every day!!

EAR TIME-Emotions, Actions and Respect






In promoting the citywide goal to help support students’ social and emotional growth, I am very pleased to announce that PS 163 has developed a program called “EAR Time.”  Twice a month, students will meet with a staff member one period to discuss Emotions, Actions and Respect.  There will be two cycles.  Each child in grades K-5 will be part of one cycle. The first cycle will begin in October and end in January and the second will begin in February and end in May.  We are very excited to begin this program and look forward to working with each child to build upon their social and emotional strengths.

为支持全市范围的目标,帮助学生提供社会和情感上的增长,我很高兴地宣布,PS 163将开始我们开发的 “EAR时间”。每个月两次,学生将会和一名工作人员见面,一起讨论 情绪,行动和尊重。 将有两个周期。 K-5级的每个孩子都将成为一个周期的一部分。 第一个周期将于10月开始,1月份结束,第二个周期将于2月份开始,5月份结束。 我们非常高兴开始这个计划,并期待与每个孩子一起努力,以建立他们的社会和情感优势。

Al apoyar la meta de la ciudad para ayudar a apoyar el crecimiento social y emocional de los estudiantes, estoy muy contento de anunciar que PS 163 comenzará lo que desarrollamos como "EAR Time". Dos veces al mes, los estudiantes se reunirán con un miembro del personal para discutir Emociones, Acciones y Respeto. Habrá dos ciclos. Cada niño en los grados K-5 será parte de un ciclo. El primer ciclo comenzará en octubre y terminará en enero y el segundo comenzará en febrero y terminará en mayo. Estamos muy emocionados de comenzar este programa y esperamos trabajar con cada niño para construir sobre sus fortalezas sociales y emocionales.

Dual Language Parent Meeting- October 13, 2017


Dads bring your child to school day! September 19, 2017

The Dads take your child to school day took place today and was a GREAT Success!  This event is designed to highlight the significant role a child’s father or male role models can have in enhancing a child’s educational experience.  



2017–18 NYC School Year Calendar

Image result for calendar

2017–18 NYC School Year Calendar

CLICK HERE to view the calendar


Dismissal Information

Image result for dismissal information

Kg & 1st Grade- in the school yard @ 2:10 PM

2nd &3rd Grade- in the school yard @ 2:15 PM

4th& 5th Grade- 160th Street  auditorium exit @ 2:15 PM



Art Show Friday, June 23rd at 7:00 PM

Image result for art show

 Art Show.pdf  for Details

7th Annual Cancer Walk June 9, 2017

We are so excited to announce that we raised $1589 for our Cancer Walk that took place on June 9th!!!  We thank all of those families that made a donation to such an important cause.  We thank the staff and students that took part in our annual walk.

cancer walk 6  cancer walk 9  cancer walk 7

cancer walk 8

5th Grade Award Ceremony- June 19th

Image result for 5th grade award ceremony

Congratulations to our 5th grade students who received awards this morning at our ceremony.  We are so proud of your hard work this school year!



Kindergarten Moving Up Ceremony June 16th

Image result for kg moving up ceremony

Today we celebrate the great job our Kindergarten students did this past school year.

Now, get ready because here you go...                            

Show those first grade teachers all you know...

Congratulations! We wish you a safe and fun Summer!!!



Monday, September 11th


Summer Reading!!!

Image result for summer reading

Summer Reading helps kids stay sharp while they're out of school. Try to read 20 minutes (or more!) each day.

CLICK HERE for Booklists for all ages 

CLICK HERE for a link to the Summer Reading 2017 Website!!

5th Grade Senior Trip- June 27, 2017

The 5th graders had such an amazing time at Coleman Day Camp!  

Image result for coleman day camp

Displaying 20170627_101717.jpg  Displaying 20170627_113428.jpg

Displaying 20170627_132735.jpg

Displaying 20170627_111508.jpg  Displaying 20170627_101539.jpg

Displaying 20170627_103108.jpg

Displaying 20170627_124631.jpg

coleman111.jpg                 coleman15.jpg

Sports Day at PS 163 June 2, 2017

 Image result for sports day





We're on Twitter!!



Immigration Letter

All students have a right to attend public school, regardless of immigration status.  We want to remind families that school is a safe and supportive place for all children.  We would like to remind families that per DOE's protocol, federal agents, including Immigration and Customs Enforcement will not be permitted to enter schools, except when absolutely required by law.  Please read the following letter for more detail.  This letter was also sent home with your child.

Chancellors Immigration Letter English.pdf  

Chancellors Immigration Letter Spanish.pdf  

Chancellors Immigration Letter Chinese.pdf 


PS 163's SPRING FUNDRAISER May 11th & May 12th

We would like to thank PS 163 families for their continued support.  We are excited to announce that with the money our Student Council raised at our Spring Fundraiser we were able to donate $500 to Breast Cancer and $500 to the WIN (Woman in Need) Foundation!!  The Student Council will use the remaining $500 we raised toward a school-wide celebration for our students.




Yoga for Parents at PS 163 on Friday, April 21, 2017

We had a great turnout for our first yoga session and look forward to our upcoming sessions.  Please join us for the following  future yoga sessions:

Friday, April 28th

Friday, May 5th

Friday, May 12th


Senator Stavisky's Earth Day Poster Contest

We are very pleased and honored to have the winning entry for  NYS Senator Toby Stavisky's Earth Day Poster Contest.  One of our 5th Grade students was the LUCKY WINNER!  There were many entries from schools all over the Senator's District, both public and private. Kudos and Congratulations to all our participants! To see all the entries from PS 163 and other schools, go to www.nysenate.gov/senators/toby-ann-stavisky  and click the blue box below Ms. Stavisky's picture.



Single Stall Student Restrooms Parent Letter

Go Math Parent Academy Workshop on March 30, 2017

Our Go Math Parent Academy evening workshop was a great success!!!  Parents had a chance to hear not only about the Go Math program, but also the Math Common Core Standards, and even work on some math activities to become more familiar with Go Math.  The purpose of the Go Math Academy is to help parents navigate the program at home.



Grade 2 Indian Dance Performance March 31, 2017


School Wellness @ PS 163

Here are some of the wonderful School Wellness posters that our students made!  



Adult ESL Program

Our Adult ESL Program for parents of our students took place this past Saturday for the first time and was a great success!  We look forward to continuing the program for the next six Saturdays.   



Dr. Seuss Celebration on March 2, 2017




Talent Show on February 17, 2017

WOW, what an amazing job our students did this year at our Talent Show!!!!!  Thank you to those students that participated and to the staff and families that joined us in watching their spectacular performances.


100th Day of School Celebration on February 16, 2017

Today we celebrate!  What a great job everyone at PS 163 did with their classroom doors!  It was great to watch our students parade through the floors of our school with excitement!!!  We will be announcing the winners of our decorated classroom doors on Monday after we return from our break!  Enjoy this week off and be safe!




Lunar New Year Celebration on February 3, 2017


What an amazing day at PS 163 celebrating the Lunar New Year!!!!!!!!!  Thank you to our students and teachers for an amazing job performing for us.  Thank you to our PTA for their help in decorating beautifully for the celebration and a special thank you to Ms. Helen for her help in "putting it all together".  This is our 10th year celebrating and it gets better every year!






Career Day! January 31, 2017

What an exciting day here at PS 163!!  We would like to thank all the presenters who took time out of their busy schedules to join us for Career Day!




NYPD School Safety Jobs



The NYPD School Safety Division is offering an open competitive exam to hire applicants interested in becoming a School Safety Agent. Testing begins on January 3, 2017 and continues through February 28,2017. This is a computer based test. The interested applicant will have to apply and schedule themselves for this exam. The Centers are open Monday through Saturday from 9:00 x 5:00 P.M. The sites are Manhattan 2 Lafayette Street 17th Floor New York, NY

or Brooklyn 210 Joralemon Street 4th floor Brooklyn NY. To apply, they need to go on www.nyc.gov/examsforjobs 


In order to be qualified for the job the applicant must be

21 years of age or older

a citizen of the US

a resident of NYC

have no record of convictions for any felony or serious offense

if discharged from the military service, the discharge must not have been dishonorable

and be of good moral character.

Education-H.S diploma or educational equivalent  


Bedtime Story Night @ PS 163


Ugly Sweater Contest! December 23, 2016

 What a Great Job the Staff and Students at PS 163 did with our UGLY SWEATER CONTEST!!!!  

Wishing everyone a very Happy Holiday and a New Year Filled with Love, Peace and Happiness!!!


and the Winners are......


Morning Ingress and Dismissal Changes


Due to the ongoing construction in our building, more changes in morning ingress and dismissal for grades K, 1, 2 and 3.  

These changes are not permanent and will begin in mid-November.  

The following changes will go into effect on Monday, November 7th :

Morning Ingress                              Afternoon Dismissal

Grades 2 and 3:                               160th near 59th Ave                           Stays the same

Grades K and 1                                Stays the same                                   160th near 59th Ave



Our Toys for Tots Collection has ended.  We are excited to announce that we have filled two boxes!!!  We thank the staff members and family who donated and we are sure that through your generosity a lot more children will be smiling this Holiday Season!!


UNICEF Fundraiser

We are excited to announce that one of our classes- class 2/305 decided to take part in the Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF Project and was able to raise $147.02!!!  This is such a wonderful project, and we are so proud of class 2/305 for taking part.  Thank you to Mrs. Bernstein, and to each student and parent who helped out!!!