Mission Statement at PS 163Q


The Mission of P.S. 163Q We believe that our community of learners will lead us into the future by:

  • Using their critical thinking skills to solve problems
  • Tapping into their social emotional toolkits to self-regulate behaviors
  • Having a strong command of language to articulate the need for systemic changes
  • Promoting an equitable tomorrow through opportunities and resources FOR ALL

Statement of Accessibility

Statement on Accessibility: We are working to make this website easier to access for people with disabilities, and will follow the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0. If you need assistance with a particular page or document on our current site, please contact ffiore2@schools.nyc.gov to request assistance.

PS163Q School Dental Visit - Thursday January 26th - Wednesday February 1st

Dear PS163Q Parents/Guardians,

We are pleased to announce that in partnership with Smile New York Outreach, we are offering FREE in-school dental care. If your child does not receive regular dental care or getting to the dentist is a burden, dentists will be at PS163Q Flushing Heights on Thursday, January 26th -Wednesday, February 1st.

No Cost to You
You will be asked to provide your Medicaid or private insurance information, which covers all costs. For those without insurance, Smile New York Outreach will see your child at no cost to you. Your child will also receive a free toothbrush and a dental report card to take home afterwards!

Convenient, comfortable and clean
The in-school dental program saves you time and provides a safe and comfortable place for your child to receive gentle dental care from licensed local professionals. The Smile New York Outreach program provides a complete dental exam, X-rays, cleaning, fluoride, sealants when necessary, and in some cases, restorative care such as fillings. Their staff will follow standard safety procedures and keep the process clean and safe for your child. We have uploaded their COVID Protocol for Schools on our school website: ps163.org

Dental care for a healthy life                                                                                                                          Children who see a dentist regularly may have fewer health issues like:

  • Early tooth loss due to dental decay
  • Gum disease
  • Heart disease
  • Impaired speech development

Help keep your child healthy, in school and smiling bright!
Complete the permission form and return it to the teacher/main office –OR- complete the online form at the unique link/QR Code for our school: https://www.myschooldentist.com/B8EA71_sch

Deadline for permission forms: Friday, January 6, 2023


Francine A. Marsaggi


2023 年 1 月 23 日

親愛的 PS163Q 家長/監護人,

我們很高興地宣布,我們與 Smile New York Outreach 合作,提供免費的校內牙科護理服務。 如果您的孩子沒有接受定期牙科護理或看牙醫是一種負擔,牙醫將於 1 月 26 日星期四至 2 月 1 日星期三在 PS163Q 法拉盛高地。


您將被要求提供您的 Medicaid 或私人保險信息,其中涵蓋所有費用。 對於沒有保險的人,Smile New York Outreach 將免費為您的孩子看病。 您的孩子還將獲得一把免費牙刷和一張牙科報告卡,之後可以帶回家!


校內牙科計劃可以節省您的時間,並為您的孩子提供一個安全舒適的場所,讓他們可以從當地有執照的專業人士那裡接受溫和的牙科護理。 Smile New York Outreach 計劃提供完整的牙科檢查、X 光、清潔、氟化物、必要時的密封劑,在某些情況下還提供補牙等修復護理。 他們的工作人員將遵循標準安全程序,並為您的孩子保持過程清潔和安全。 我們已經在我們的學校網站上上傳了他們的學校 COVID 協議:ps163.org

健康生活的牙科護理 定期看牙醫的兒童可能較少出現以下健康問題:

  • 蛀牙導致的早期牙齒脫落
  • 牙齦疾病
  • 心臟疾病
  • 言語發育受損



許可表格的截止日期:2023 年 1 月 6 日,星期五



Francine A. Marsaggi

23 de enero de 2022

Estimados padres/tutores de PS163Q,

Nos complace anunciar que, en asociación con Smile New York Outreach, ofrecemos atención dental GRATUITA en la escuela. Si su hijo no recibe atención dental regular o ir al dentista es una carga, los dentistas estarán en PS163Q Flushing Heights del jueves 26 de enero al miércoles 1 de febrero.

Sin costo para usted

Se le pedirá que proporcione su información de Medicaid o de su seguro privado, que cubre todos los costos. Para aquellos que no tienen seguro, Smile New York Outreach atenderá a su hijo sin costo alguno para usted. ¡Su hijo también recibirá un cepillo de dientes gratis y una boleta de calificaciones dentales para llevar a casa después!

Conveniente, cómodo y limpio.

El programa dental en la escuela le ahorra tiempo y proporciona un lugar seguro y cómodo para que su hijo reciba cuidados dentales suaves de profesionales locales autorizados. El programa Smile New York Outreach proporciona un examen dental completo, radiografías, limpieza, fluoruro, selladores cuando sea necesario y, en algunos casos, atención restaurativa como empastes. Su personal seguirá los procedimientos de seguridad estándar y mantendrá el proceso limpio y seguro para su hijo. Hemos subido su Protocolo COVID para escuelas en el sitio web de nuestra escuela: ps163.org

Cuidado dental para una vida saludable Los niños que visitan a un dentista regularmente pueden tener menos problemas de salud como:

  • Pérdida temprana de dientes debido a caries dental
  • Enfermedad de las encías
  • Enfermedad del corazón
  • Deterioro del desarrollo del habla

¡Ayude a mantener a su hijo saludable, en la escuela y con una sonrisa radiante!

Complete el formulario de permiso y devuélvalo al maestro/oficina principal –O- complete el formulario en línea en el enlace único/Código QR para nuestra escuela: https://www.myschooldentist.com/B8EA71_sch

Fecha límite para formularios de permiso: viernes, 6 de enero de 2023



Francine A. Marsaggi

Flushing Lantern Festival Event 2023 - January 20, 2023


Upcoming Community and Citywide Education Council (CEC) Elections Information Sessions - January 13, 2023 (中文/Español)

Learn about the Community and Citywide Education Council Elections!

Dear Parent,

2023 is an Education Council Election year. The 32 Community Education Councils and 4 Citywide Education Councils make important decisions regarding your child’s education.

Learn about the councils, the election and how to run for a seat on an Education Council by attending a virtual (Zoom) Campaign Information Session.

*28 Days Remaining to Apply*





Tues. 1/17/2023

12:00 PM


Click to Attend


Wed. 1/18/2023

6:00 PM


Click to Attend


Thurs. 1/19/2023

9:30 AM

Haitian Creole/Russian

Click to Attend


Fri. 1/20/2023

12:00 PM


Click to Attend


Sat. 1/21/2023

1:00 PM


Click to Attend




D75 Information sessions

Tues. 1/17/2023

1:00 PM


Click to Attend

Wed. 1/18/2023

7:00 PM


Click to Attend

Thurs. 1/19/2023

10:30 AM

English/Haitian Creole/Russian

Click to Attend

Fri. 1/20/2023

1:00 PM


Click to Attend

Sat. 1/21/2023

2:00 PM


Click to Attend


Interpretation is available

Questions? Email: Elections2023@schools.nyc.gov

中文:  35151 Info Session Schedule Jan 17 to 21_Chinese.pdf

Español: 35151 Info Session Schedule Jan 17 to 21_Spanish.pdf 

Our Students Amazing Artwork!!!

Art Therapy by Artist Manju Jain - From The Experts' Mouth (FTEM)

Wow, what an amazing display of artwork our students have created in our Art Therapy Program!!!


PS163Q Christmas Pictures - December 23, 2022

PS163Q 2022 Holiday Show Intro + Band Performance

Holiday Show Chorus Performances

What's Happening in NYC Public Schools/紐約市公立學校有什麽新情況?/¿Qué está pasando en las escuelas públicas de NYC? - December 14, 2022

Week of December 12, 2022
As we head into winter, we may have snowstorms or other weather conditions that require school buildings to
close for the day. This year, if New York City public school buildings are closed due to inclement weather,
remote learning will be conducted on that day. Students in kindergarten and above will be expected to log
on and participate in their classes from home. Children attending LYFE or a 3K or Pre-K program in an
elementary school or Pre-K Center should participate in the remote learning experiences outlined by their
Our ability to teach and learn remotely across the system allows us to continue working with our students
even when school buildings are closed. As in previous years, you will be notified when NYC Department of
Education (DOE) school buildings are closed due to bad weather, and your school will provide you additional
information. Please do not hesitate to contact your principal if you have any questions.
To help families prepare, this letter explains how to access remote learning tools and platforms and how to
ensure you receive the latest information regarding school building closures and other important news from
NYC Public Schools.
Additionally, we are sharing updated recommendations on masking in schools and other indoor settings,
given the high rates of flu and other respiratory viruses, such as respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), this season.
Remote Learning
Internet-Enabled Devices
To participate in remote learning, students will need access to a computer, laptop, or iPad that can connect to
the internet. If your child does not have an internet-ready device at home, you can request a DOE-loaned
device from your school. If your child needs a DOE device, please ask your school now, to ensure your family is prepared; do not wait for a weather closure. You can find guidance on how to get started using your DOE-loaned iPad or laptop at schools.nyc.gov/ipad.
DOE Student Accounts
Students can access all the DOE technology platforms they will need for remote learning through their DOE account, which is created automatically when your child enrolls in school. You can access your child’s DOE account by signing in to TeachHub (teachhub.schools.nyc) using the username and password that your school provided. (If you are not sure of your child’s username and password, please visit selfservice.schools.nyc or ask your school for help.) From there, students and families can connect to all DOE applications with one click. Platforms include, but are not limited to: • TeachHub • Google for Education (including Google Classroom) • iLearnNYC • Microsoft Office • Zoom Learn more about DOE accounts at schools.nyc.gov/studentaccounts.
Technology Support
Having trouble with a DOE device or online learning platform? We can help! You can find answers to many common questions or open a support ticket at SupportHub: supporthub.schools.nyc.
Stay Connected
New York City Schools Account
One of the easiest ways to learn about school building closures is through your New York City Schools account, or NYCSA: schoolsaccount.nyc. If you do not yet have a NYCSA account and want to learn more, visit schools.nyc.gov/nycsa. We strongly urge all families to set up a NYCSA account to stay connected with your school, keep track of your child’s grades, and receive other important news and information such as alerts regarding building closures.
NYC Public Schools Online
Keep up with what’s happening in NYC public schools! Check out our website and follow @NYCschools on social media for all the latest news—including urgent information about school building closures—from the NYC Department of Education. Find us: ▪ On our official website: schools.nyc.gov ▪ On Twitter: twitter.com/nycschools ▪ On Facebook: facebook.com/nycschools ▪ On Instagram: instagram.com/nycschools
Update on Mask Guidance for Students and Families
The safety of our students and staff is our absolute top priority. Given the high rates of flu and other respiratory conditions viruses as we head into winter, the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) has issued a universal indoor masking recommendation (nyc.gov/site/doh/about/press/pr2022/health-department-issues-commissioners-advisory.page) for all indoor settings, including schools and daycare centers.
As always, we follow the guidance of our health experts, and at the recommendation of our partners at DOHMH, we strongly encourage every student and staff member to mask wear a well-fitting mask indoors. All our schools have masks available––if your child needs a mask, they should reach out to school staff for assistance. We also encourage all members of our school community to stay up to date with vaccinations, including flu and COVID-19.
For more information about COVID-19 health and safety precautions and guidance at New York City public schools, please visit schools.nyc.gov/covid19.

2022 年12 月12 日這一周
班中心就讀LYFE、3 歲幼兒班或學前班課程的學生,請根據各自課程所述進行遠程學習。
了。您可以使用您學校所提供的用戶名和密碼,登錄TeachHub(teachhub.schools.nyc),然後就可以查看您子女的教育局帳戶。(如果您不確定您子女的用戶名和密碼是什麽,請瀏覽selfservice.schools.nyc ,或者向您的學校尋求幫助)。在那個網站畫面,學生和家長只需要點擊一下,就可以連接各種教育局的應用程式。各種平台包括但不限於: • TeachHub • 谷歌教育(包括谷歌教室) • iLearnNYC • 微軟辦公室 • Zoom 如需瞭解教育局帳戶的更多資訊,請參考:schools.nyc.gov/studentaccounts
瞭解學校關閉最方便的一種方法是,透過紐約市學校帳戶(也稱為NYCSA):schoolsaccount.nyc。如果您還沒有NYCSA帳戶,但想瞭解更多,請瀏覽: schools.nyc.gov/nycsa。我們促請所有家庭都創建NYCSA帳戶,以便與您的學校保持聯繫,跟進您子女的成績並接收其他重要的消息和資訊,例如有關學校關閉的通知。
隨時瞭解紐約市公立學校的最新情況!查看我們的網站並關注社交媒體上的@NYCschools,瞭解紐約市教育局所有最新的資訊,包括學校關閉的緊急消息。可用以下途徑找到我們: ▪ 我們的官方網站:schools.nyc.gov ▪ Twitter:twitter.com/nycschools ▪ Facebook:facebook.com/nycschools ▪ Instagram:instagram.com/nycschools

Semana del 12 de diciembre de 2022
A medida que nos acercamos al invierno, es posible que se presenten tormentas de nieve u otras condiciones
climáticas que exijan el cierre de los edificios escolares durante el día. Este año, el día que las escuelas
públicas de la Ciudad de Nueva York se vean obligadas a cerrar por mal tiempo, se llevará a cabo
aprendizaje a distancia. Los estudiantes de kínder en adelante deberán conectarse y participar en sus clases
desde casa. Los niños que asisten a programas LYFE (Living for the Young Family through Education), 3-K o
prekínder en una escuela primaria o en un centro de prekínder deben participar en el aprendizaje a distancia
como lo estipule su programa.
Nuestra capacidad para enseñar y aprender a distancia en todo el sistema nos permite continuar trabajando
con nuestros estudiantes incluso cuando las escuelas están cerradas. Tal como en años anteriores, se le
notificará cuando las escuelas del Departamento de Educación (DOE) de la Ciudad de Nueva York cierren
debido al mal tiempo, y su escuela le proporcionará información adicional. No dude en comunicarse con el
director de su escuela si tiene alguna pregunta.
Para ayudar a las familias a estar preparadas, esta carta explica cómo acceder a las herramientas y
plataformas de aprendizaje a distancia, y cómo garantizar que reciba la información más reciente sobre el
cierre de los edificios escolares y otras noticias importantes sobre las escuelas públicas de la Ciudad de
Nueva York.
Además, estamos compartiendo nuevas recomendaciones sobre el uso de mascarillas en las escuelas y otros
espacios bajo techo debido al alto índice de contagio de gripe y otros virus respiratorios, tales como el virus
sincitial respiratorio (Respiratory Syncytial Virus, RSV).
Aprendizaje a distancia
Dispositivos con conexión a internet
Para participar en el aprendizaje a distancia, los estudiantes necesitarán acceso a una computadora de escritorio o portátil, o un iPad que pueda conectarse a internet. Si su hijo no tiene un dispositivo con acceso a internet en casa, puede solicitarle en préstamo a su escuela un dispositivo del DOE. Si su hijo necesita un dispositivo del DOE, pídaselo a su escuela ahora para asegurarse de que su familia esté preparada; no espere hasta que haya un cierre por mal tiempo. Encuentre una guía sobre cómo usar una computadora portátil o un iPad del DOE en schools.nyc.gov/ipad.
Cuenta de estudiantes del DOE
Los estudiantes tienen acceso a todas las plataformas tecnológicas del DOE que necesitarán para el aprendizaje a distancia a través de su cuenta del DOE, la cual se crea automáticamente cuando su hijo se inscribe en la escuela. Puede acceder a la cuenta del DOE de su hijo ingresando a TeachHub (teachhub.schools.nyc) usando el nombre de usuario y contraseña que le proporcionó la escuela. (Si no está seguro de cuál es el nombre de usuario y contraseña de su hijo, visite selfservice.schools.nyc o pida ayuda en su escuela). Desde allí, estudiantes y familias pueden conectarse a todas las aplicaciones del DOE con solo un clic. Otras plataformas: • TeachHub • Google for Education (incluyendo Google Classroom) • iLearnNYC • Microsoft Office • Zoom Conozca más sobre las cuentas del DOE en schools.nyc.gov/studentaccounts.
Soporte técnico
¿Tiene problemas con un dispositivo del DOE o con una de las plataformas de aprendizaje remoto? ¡Podemos ayudarlo! Encuentre respuestas a muchas de las preguntas más comunes o solicite soporte técnico en SupportHub: supporthub.schools.nyc.
Manténgase en contacto
Cuenta NYC Schools
Una de las maneras más fáciles de enterarse de los cierres de las escuelas es a través de su cuenta NYC Schools (NYCSA): schoolsaccount.nyc. Si todavía no tiene una cuenta NYCSA y desea conocer más, visite schools.nyc.gov/nycsa. Les recomendamos enfáticamente a todas las familias que creen una cuenta NYCSA para mantenerse conectados con su escuela, hacer seguimiento de las calificaciones de sus hijos y recibir otras noticias e información importante, tales como alertas sobre el cierre de las escuelas.
Escuelas públicas de la Ciudad de Nueva York por internet
Manténgase enterado de lo qué está pasando en las escuelas públicas de la Ciudad de Nueva York. Visite nuestro sitio web y siga @NYCschools en las redes sociales para conocer la información más reciente del Departamento de Educación de la Ciudad de Nueva York, incluyendo información urgente sobre el cierre de las escuelas. Síganos en: ▪ Nuestro sitio web oficial: schools.nyc.gov ▪ Twitter: twitter.com/nycschools ▪ Facebook: facebook.com/nycschools ▪ Instagram: instagram.com/nycschools
Actualización sobre el uso de mascarillas para estudiantes y familias
La seguridad de los estudiantes y el personal es nuestra máxima prioridad. Debido al alto índice de contagio de la gripe y otros virus respiratorios a medida que nos acercamos al invierno, el Departamento de Salud y Salud Mental (Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, DOHMH) emitió una recomendación general sobre el uso de mascarillas en espacios bajo techo (nyc.gov/site/doh/about/press/pr2022/health-department-issues-commissioners-advisory.page) para todos los espacios cerrados, incluyendo las escuelas y centros de cuidado infantil.
Como siempre, seguimos las directrices de los expertos en salud, y debido a la recomendación de nuestros aliados en el DOHMH, le recomendamos encarecidamente a cada estudiante y miembro del personal que usen una mascarilla bien ajustada cuando estén en espacios cerrados. Todas nuestras escuelas tienen mascarillas disponibles. Si su hijo necesita una mascarilla, deben solicitarle ayuda a un miembro del personal. También le recomendamos a todos los miembros de nuestra comunidad educativa que se pongan al día con sus vacunas, incluyendo la vacuna contra la gripe y COVID-19.
Para obtener más información sobre las precauciones y directrices de salud y seguridad para COVID-19 en las escuelas públicas de la Ciudad de Nueva York, visite schools.nyc.gov/covid19.


WOW!  A BIG THANK YOU to all who donated to our Toys for Tots this year!!  We filled 3 boxes, and the Marines were so excited when they came to pick all the toys up.  Both families and staff were so generous and with your donations many kids will be smiling this holiday season.


Kindergarten Admissions - Beginning December 7th

Come to a virtual event for Elementary Admissions! (For families with children born in 2018, 2019, and 2020)
At each event, we’ll walk you through 3-K, pre-K, gifted and talented and kindergarten admissions—how
to create your MySchools account, explore your school and program options, and get ready to apply.
After the presentation, we will answer your questions.


PS163Q Holiday Food Drive Update - November 30, 2022

A big Thank You to all our PS163Q families for donating to our PS163Q Holiday Food Drive! As a community, we donated over 30 boxes and an estimated 1000 pounds! City Harvest will ensure our donations reach families in need. We had to donate sooner than expected since we were running out of room and boxes!!!

Our PS163Q Food Drive continues until December 16th. Special shout-out to classes PK3, K01 and K04 for contributing the most donations so far!


Staff Costume Contest!


Annual Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Notification - September 20, 2022 (中文/Español)

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) gives parents and students age 18 and older rights over student education records. The Parents’ Bill of Rights for Data Privacy and Security provides you with additional rights, and Chancellor’s Regulation A-820 provide additional information.

Please note that if you are a student and age 18 or over, these rights belong to you, and not your parents or guardians.

Among other things, you have the right to: 

  • Inspect and review your child’s education records within 45 days after the DOE receives your request. 
  • You should submit a written request that identifies the record(s) you wish to inspect. 
  • Your child’s school will notify you of the time and place where you may inspect the records. 
  • Request changes to your child’s education records when you believe they are inaccurate, misleading, or violate your child’s privacy rights under FERPA. 
    • You should make requests to amend records in writing, and identify what you want changed and the reason for doing so. 
    • If the DOE decides not to amend records as requested, you will be notified of the decision, and of your right to a hearing and certain hearing procedures. 
  • Provide written consent before personally identifiable information in your child’s education records is disclosed. However, in certain cases, FERPA allows disclosure without consent. Cases permitting disclosure without consent include: 
    • Disclosure to school officials who need to review education records to fulfill their professional responsibilities. School officials include: 
      • DOE employees (such as administrators, supervisors, teachers, other instructors, or support staff members); and 
      • People whom the DOE engages to perform services or functions for which it would otherwise use its employees. These include (a) individuals and entities providing DOE services and functions through contracts, (b) employees of other government agencies providing DOE-related services or functions, such as attorneys in the NYC Law Department representing the DOE, and school nurses and Office of School Health staff employed by the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, (c) parents, students, or other volunteers assisting other school officials in performing their tasks, and (d) other qualifying individuals or organizations, such as consultants and community-based organizations, but only if they have agreed in writing to keep student information confidential. Such people are required to be under the direct control of the DOE with respect to the use and maintenance of personally identifiable information from education records. Direct control is achieved in various ways, including by written agreement. 
    • When records are requested by officials of another school, district or education institution in which your child seeks or plans to enroll, or is already enrolled if made for purposes of your child’s enrollment or transfer. 
  • Other exceptions exist that permit disclosure of personally identifiable information without consent include certain types of disclosures. Some are listed below. Most of these types of disclosures are subject to certain additional requirements and limitations. Please see FERPA and Chancellor’s Regulation A-820 for more information about them. 
    • to authorized representatives of government entities and officials in connection with audits, evaluations, or certain other activities; 
    • in connection with financial aid for which the student has applied or which the student has received; 
    • to organizations conducting studies for, or on behalf of, the NYCDOE; 
    • to accrediting organizations to carry out their accrediting functions; 
    • to parents of students age 18 and over if the student is a dependent for Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax purposes; 
    • to comply with a judicial order or lawfully issued subpoena; 
    • to appropriate officials in connection with a health or safety emergency; and 
    • of information that the NYCDOE has designated as “directory information.”
  • File a complaint with the USDOE if you believe the NYC DOE failed to comply with FERPA’s requirements. Complaints may be filed here: 
    • Student Privacy Policy Office 
    • U.S. Department of Education 
    • 400 Maryland Avenue 
    • SW Washington, DC 20202-8520 
      or by email to FERPA.Complaints@ed.gov 

中文:  annual-ferpa-notice-chinese.pdf 

Español:  annual-ferpa-notice-spanish.pdf 

More information at: https://www.schools.nyc.gov/about-us/policies/data-privacy-and-security-policies/annual-ferpa-notification

Welcome Back to School!

 See the source image      



2022-2023 Department of Education Health Policies - August 23, 2022

  • UPDATED Health screenings are NOT required for visitors or students to enter the school building.
  • UPDATED Schools will no longer be doing random testing. Each student will receive 4 take-home test kits every month.
  • If a student tests positive for COVID-19, they are required to isolate for 5 days and return to school on the 6th day with improving or no symptoms. They must wear a mask until day 10 after symptom onset or date of positive test, whichever is earlier.
  • Families should continue reporting positive cases to the school.
  • Students exposed to COVID-19 will continue receiving take-home test kits.
  • Masks are recommended, not required. Schools will continue providing masks for those who want/need them.
  • Schools will continue having daily surface cleanings and air purifiers in the classrooms.
  • Proof of a negative test result is not required for students to return to school.
  • Visitors MUST show proof of at least 1 vaccination dose and ID to enter the school building.
We will continue sharing any updates we receive on our school Remind and on our school website.

Back to School 2022-2023 + NYC School Account + NEW DOE Application

In the link below, you will find important information and updates about academic policies, health and safety protocols, support services for students and families, and more!

The NYC Schools Account (NYCSA) Portal will allow you to

  • See your students grades, test scores and more in My Student
  • Take classes in Parent University
  • Report bullying
  • Access forms for your child
  • Reset your child's DOE account password
  • Access SupportHub

Create an account or log in at www.schoolsaccount.nyc

NEW DOE Grades, Attendance, and Messaging Application Guide

The DOE Grades application is an electronic gradebook for teachers. 

  • Teachers can create and grade assignments while maintaining all data fully secure and within the DOE. 
  • Teachers can import assignments from our school’s Learning Management System, [iLearn/Google Classroom], meaning that teachers will not have to do duplicate data entry. 
  • Students will be able to see assignments and assignment-level grades from the DOE Grades application in TeachHub in the fall. 
  • Parents will be able to see assignments and assignment-level grades in the NYC Schools Account (NYCSA) Portal in the fall. 

DOE Attendance is an electronic attendance tool. 

  • Families already have access to their child’s attendance in NYC Schools Account (NYCSA) Portal
  • Teachers and school administrators will be able to quickly and securely update student attendance throughout the day. 

The new DOE Messaging application offers multiple methods for outreach to families, such as voice calls, emails, and SMS texts. 

  • Our school staff will be able to send families messages by course/class, by grade, or even to the entire school. 
  • Messages can be sent in English and the nine DOE languages

2022-23 PTA/SLT/PAC Elections

ALL (PTA/SLT/Title 1) Elections ran successively on Monday June 6, 2022 @7PM. BELOW are the positions that are still open.

PTA Core Members

  • Treasurer
  • keeps records of all income and expenses by the PTA
  • prepares the January Interim Financial Report, June Annual Financial Report and all other monthly reports
  • sign and deposit checks and money to PTA checking account

All parents and/or legally appointed guardians are eligible to run for a position on the Executive Board.  If you are interested in nominating yourself or someone you know, please email the P.S.163Q PTA at pta163q@gmail.com

Parent Advisory Council (PAC) and PAC Chairperson Election

The Title I PAC will participate with the School Leadership Team (SLT) in the joint review, planning, and improvement of the school’s Title I program, and the development, revision and review of the parent

and family engagement policy.

Responsibilities of Title I PAC Members:

All Title I Parent Advisory Council (PAC) members and officers shall regularly attend all scheduled meetings of the Title I PAC as representatives of the school’s Title I parent body to provide input and feedback on the school’s:

  • Comprehensive Education Plan (CEP), which also serves as the Schoolwide Program Plan (SWP) for SWP schools
  • Parent and Family Engagement Policy (PFEP) and School-Parent Compact (SPC).
  • Proposed spending plan for the use of the Title I parent and family engagement set-aside funding (a minimum of 1% of the school's Title I allocation) to support Title I parent and family engagement activities.

Alternate Chairperson Responsibilities:

  • Serve on the School Leadership Team (SLT) as the Title I PAC representative.
  • Decide how 1% of our Title I money should support your child’s education. Coordinate and draft a proposed spending plan for the use of the Title I parent and family engagement set-aside funding (a minimum of 1% of the school's Title I allocation) for approval by the Title I parents and SLT to support Title I parent and family engagement activities.

If you are interested in running, please fill out the PAC Willingness to Serve Form (located on our school website) and email the PTA at pta163q@gmail.com 

COVID-19 High Alert Level Message (DOHMH and DOE) - May 17, 2022


Respect for All @ PS 163- October 22, 2021

Image result for Week of Respect


A school-wide ribbon-tying activity took place at our school today.  This involved all our students joining together to tie orange ribbons around the perimeter of our building to show Respect for All!


Our Visit from Chancellor Carranza-November 12, 2019