Welcome to the Principal's Corner

 In here you will find useful information and letters that I sent home during this school year.


 End of Year Letter 2022 ALL LANGUAGES.pdf 

 HIV Letter English 2022.pdf 

 Spring Letter to Parent.pdf 

 PTC March 2022.pdf 

 PTC 2021 November.pdf 


2020/2021 School Year Letters

 EOY Letter to Parents 2021.docx 

Remote Election Day Letter to Parents Spring 2021.doc 

PTC Letter for March.docx  

Pre-K First Days All languages.doc

5th Grade Textbook pick up form.doc  

4th Grade Textbook pick up form.doc

3rd Grade Textbook pick up form.doc  

2nd Grade Textbook pick up form.doc  

1st Grade Textbook pick up form.doc  

Kg Textbook pick up form.doc  

Textbook pick up form.doc  

September Letter to Parent all languages

Letter to Parents Delayed Opening.doc 


2019/2020 School Year Letters

 End of Year Letter 2020.pdf 

 Parent Letter Week 10 All Languages.pdf 

 Parent Letter Week 8 All Languages.pdf  

Parent Letter Week 6.pdf 

 Parent Letter Week 3 all languages.pdf 

 Parent Letter Week 2 all languages.pdf 

 Parent Letter Week 1 all languages.pdf 

 Letter from Chancellor.pdf 

Letter from Chancellor-Spanish.pdf  

Letter from Chancellor- Chinese.pdf 



 Heriatge Day Parent Letter FINAL.docx 

 Title I Letter.doc 

 Coffee with the Principal.docx 

 No Parent Coordinator Letter.doc 



 2018/2019 School Year Letters:

 Water Testing Letter.doc 

Cold Weather Letter.doc 

Progress Report Letter Feb 2019.doc 

Report Card Letter Kg Parents.doc   

Career Day Letter 2019.doc 

 Principal Introduction to MyOn Letter.docx 

 Mandarin and Spanish Invitation MyOn Letter1.docx 

Pre-K walking ingress.doc 

 Q163 Remediation Letter.pdf 

 Title I Letter.doc 

 Epi pen storage Parent Letter.doc 




2017/2018 School Year

Fire Alarm letter to Parents.doc  

Cold Weather Letter.doc 

 Pre-K walking ingress.doc 

Thanksgiving Celebration.pdf  

Curriculum Fair 2017.doc 

 EAR Time Parent Letter.doc 

 Meet the Teacher 2017.doc 

 Welcome Back Letter.doc