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District 25 Summer Reading Raffle Flyers - July 15, 2024

Free Summer Tutoring (Virtual or at Flushing Library)

English/Chinese Flyer:  Tutor FlyerChinese.pdf 

Are you looking for extra academic support in the summer or homework help during the school year? Our high-achieving high school tutors can help.
Call/Text 516-847-2986
All classes are at the local library or virtual (depending on location). Tutoring Schedule varies (depends on the tutor).                                                                                                                            Meet/Greet on Sunday, 6/30 at the library in the Children Section @1:30 pm. The 7-weeks summer program starts the first week of July. 
你是否在暑假期間尋求額外的學術⽀持或在學年期間尋求家庭作業幫助? 我哋成績優異嘅⾼中導師可以提供免費助。

05.22.24 Parent Workshop for Families of Students with Disabilities - May 2, 2024

English:  05 22 24_QNS_North_NYSAA-Flyer

Chinese/中文:  Chinese_05 22 24_ NYSAA Flyer

Spanish/Espanol:  Spanish_05 22 24_ NYSAA Flyer

Essential Information for Families of SWDs: Assessments are the tests that schools use to measure a student’s progress.

In this workshop, we will:
-Review state assessment options
-Identify the purpose and structure of NYS Alternative Assessment
-Become familiar with the process for determining whether a student is
eligible for NYSAA
-Explore student exit option

Registration for FREE Adult Education Starting Soon! - May 2, 2024

Flyer: Summer Registration Flyer 2024-2025




Ø Basic Education (BE)

Ø High school Equivalency.

Ø Preparation to take and pass the

Ø GED exam.

Ø English as a new language

Ø Career and Technical Education.

Ø Academic support and guidance,

Ø Class flexibility to accommodate adult students.

Ø Community resources and referrals.

New York State Tests (ELA/Math) Parent Resources - March 11, 2024

Fair Fares: Half-Price MetroCards for Eligible New Yorkers - February 7, 2024

Sign Up for Fair Fares: Half-Price MetroCards for Eligible New Yorkers

Fair Fares is a City program that helps qualifying New Yorkers access subway and bus rides at half the price. Fair Fares is open to New York City residents ages 16 to 82 living at or below 120% of the federal poverty line. Find out if you meet the eligibility requirements here

If you are eligible, you can apply for the Fair Fares program by visiting the website and completing the online application or calling 311. Check out this list of accepted documents that verify important information.


Once your application is submitted, the City will review your application before issuing your Fair Fares MetroCard.


If you have additional questions on applying, contact the Human Resources Administration here

SEL Parent Support Series Presentation/Resources - January 22, 2024

Borrow A Tablet Or Hotspot from Queens Public Library -December 2023

Queens Connected Mobile Hotspot Lending Program

Get access to free, unlimited internet right at home!

WiFi hotspots are now available for loan at many Queens Public Library locations. Devices may be checked out for 2 months, with up to 5 optional renewals. There is a limit of one device per household.

To participate in this program, you must meet the following eligibility requirements:

-Have a valid photo ID                                               -Have no outstanding fees

-Have no Internet access at home

-Have a valid Queens Public Library card and be at least 18 years old

Visit one of the following QPL locations to learn more and pick up your hotspot today!

Please contact the libraries for current inventory levels and availability, and for other questions and concerns.

Tablet Lending Program

Queens Public Libraries lend Hyundai tablets to library card holders for free.

The tablet is 10.1” with 4GB of RAM, and LTE connection (its own internet).

Hyundai tablets may be borrowed for one month, with three renewals possible (four months total). First-time borrowers must bring a photo ID and sign a borrower’s agreement. Children under 17 may borrow with a parent or guardian’s consent.

Available at the Flushing Library and Pomonok libraries ONLY.


MindUp Parent Chat PowerPoint - December 8, 2023

 Thank you to the parents who joined our MindUp Parent Chat!

Copy of Parent Chat Powerpoint: MindUp Parent Chat 12 8 23

Link to Discipline Code/Respect-For-All FAQ/Resources

Math Parent Workshop Powerpoint - November 10, 2023

Middle School Information

Middle School Admissions Parent Workshop PowerPoint:  Family Deck for Fall 2024 Admissions_English.pptx 

For Families

·  Fall 2024 Admissions ChecklistA checklist for families that gives an overview of the admissions process.

·  Middle School Virtual Events Flyer. A flyer about the upcoming virtual events for families on the middle school admissions process.

·  Middle Schools Admissions Video Series. A series of videos explaining the admissions process.

·  MySchools Tutorials. Tutorials to help families navigate the admissions process.

NYC Kids Rise: Save for College Program

The NYC Kids RISE Save for College Program provides families, schools, and communities with a way to work together to save for and invest in their children’s futures. It is a scholarship and savings program designed to make college and career training more accessible for public school students.

Who can participate?

All families with kindergarten students enrolled in a NYC public school (including participating charter schools), no matter their income or immigration status.

How do you participate?

Good news! Your child will be automatically enrolled in the Save for College Program unless you choose not to participate by “opting-out.” You do not have to do anything to receive a free NYC Scholarship Account.

How does it work?

The Program allows families, schools, and communities to build a foundation together for their children’s future by:

• Providing an NYC Scholarship Account for every participating student
All families receive an NYC Scholarship Account with a $100 initial deposit. There are also opportunities to collect up to
$200 in early rewards.

• Supporting families with the tools and information to develop their own savings plan
After activating their NYC Scholarship Account, families can open and connect their own college savings account
through the online platform. Then, families can start saving money in the ways and amounts that make sense for their

• Encouraging communities to work together to invest in their children’s NYC Scholarship Accounts
Businesses, organizations, institutions, and others can contribute to NYC Scholarship Accounts. These contributions
further increase the money in each child’s account and demonstrate their community’s support for every child’s success.

• Reinforcing expectations of attending college and career training
Milestone events, activities, and campaigns in schools and across neighborhoods help students imagine what’s possible
for their futures.

• Teaching financial education in the classroom
Students receive age-appropriate financial education starting in Kindergarten.




費的紐約市獎學金帳戶(NYC Scholarship Account)。



• 為每一名參加計劃的學生提供一個紐約市獎學金帳戶

• 透過工具和資訊為家庭制訂他們自己的大學儲蓄計劃提供支持
啟動紐約市獎學金帳戶後,家庭還可以透過線上平台開立並關聯自己的大學儲蓄帳戶(college savings account)。

• 鼓勵社區共同合作,為孩子們的紐約市獎學金帳戶投資

• 增強孩子上大學和參加職業訓練的期望

• 在課堂上教授財務教育課程

¿QUIÉNES pueden participar?

Todas las familias con niños que asistan al kínder inscritos en una escuela pública de NYC (incluidas las escuelas charter
participantes), sin importar su nivel de ingresos o estatus migratorio.

¿Cómo puede participar?

¡Buenas noticias! Su hijo será inscrito automáticamente en el Programa de Ahorro para la Universidad, a menos que usted
elija no participar mediante el “rechazo de participación”. No debe hacer nada para recibir una Cuenta de Beca NYC
(NYC Scholarship Account) gratuita.

¿Cómo funciona?

El programa permite a las familias, a las escuelas y a las comunidades construir juntos una base para el futuro de los niños,
haciendo lo siguiente:

• Proporcionando una Cuenta de Beca NYC a cada estudiante participante.
Todas las familias reciben una Cuenta de Beca NYC con un depósito inicial de $100. También es posible obtener hasta
$200 en recompensas anticipadas.

• Brindando apoyo a las familias con las herramientas e información necesarias para que desarrollen sus propios planes
de ahorros. Después de activar la Cuenta de Beca NYC, las familias pueden abrir y vincular su propia cuenta de ahorros para
la universidad a través de la plataforma en línea. Así, las familias pueden empezar a ahorrar de la manera y en las
cantidades que sean convenientes para sus finanzas.

• Animando a las comunidades a trabajar en conjunto con el fin de invertir en las Cuentas de Beca NYC de sus niños.
Las empresas, organizaciones, instituciones y otros pueden contribuir a las Cuentas de Beca NYC. Estas contribuciones
aumentan aún más los ahorros en la cuenta de cada niño y demuestran el apoyo de la comunidad al éxito de cada niño.

• Reforzando las expectativas de asistir a la universidad y de recibir formación profesional.
Los eventos, actividades y campañas de hitos en las escuelas y en los vecindarios ayudan a los estudiantes a imaginar
lo que es posible para su futuro.

• Enseñando educación financiera en el salón de clases.
Los estudiantes reciben una educación financiera adecuada a su edad desde kínder.

More information at:

"What is the NYC Kids RISE Save for College Program?" Video:

NYC Kids Rise: Save for College Program Journey Planner:

10/19 HMH Parent Workshop PowerPoint

10/06/23 Parent Chat PowerPoint (Eng)

Summer Resources Parent Workshop K-2 Presentation (暑期資源) (Recursos de Verano) - June 5, 2023


Please see below for the link to our Summer Resources Parent Workshop Presentation for Grades K-2:

 Summer support Lower Grade PD.pdf   (暑期資源) (Recursos de Verano)

A big thank-you to all the teachers who worked hard to put together an amazing collection of resources for our parent community!

Another thank-you to Ms. Chiang, Ms. Georgiades and Ms. Lu for being our presenters!

Parent Workshop Videos/Videos de talleres para padres (English and Spanish)

Stress Management (04/08/22) - English -

Stress Management/Manejo del Estrés (04/08/22) - Spanish -

Goal Setting and Motivation (04/26/22) - English -

Goal Setting and Motivation/Crear Metas & Motivacion (04/26/22) - Spanish:

Beating Procrastination (05/10/22) - English -

Beating Procrastination/Superar la procrastinacion (05/10/22) - Spanish -

Bereavement Support and Helping Children Deal with Grief Resources/喪親支持和幫助兒童處理悲傷資源Apoyo para el duelo y cómo ayudar a los niños a lidiar con los recursos del duelo

Camp Erin NYC- FREE bereavement camp for children ages 7-17 (located in the Poconos).  Parent retreat runs concurrently across the lake.
The Center for HOPE (Healing, Opportunity, Perseverance, Enlightenment) located at Cohen Children's Medical Center - Bereavement groups for children, adolescents and parents
Susan Thomas (516) 216-5194
Adult Bereavement groups:
Sacred Heart of Jesus (Bayside) - Sister Kathleen (718) 224-5695
St. Luke (Whitestone) - Sister Theresa (718) 746-8531
Grief Resources from our School Guidance Counselor:

Bereavement Support.pdf  

childmind org-Helping Children Cope With Grief.pdf